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Employers hire people based both on their qualifications and personality, so let it “speak up” a bit in your letter. Keep it brief though. However, most of the time such information is optional and in our builder, you can easily remove the address field from the template. Steer clear of using a basic resume template for Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Learn how to make a cover letter that gets interviews. Your cover letter is the only mean of showing your unique personality before you are called in for the interview. Notice how the combination of a sidebar dedicated exclusively to dates and a timeline with icons makes this layout super reader-friendly. If you’re serious about getting a job, you must know how an ATS works. Celebrate autumn and the holidays with our seasonal templates. Enfold is like a mirror image of our Cascade download resume format. Then pick a simple resume template! Simple resumes are called “simple” for a reason – their structure hasn’t changed much in the past decade. Pro Tip: If you need help writing the actual resume, it’s simple, too. Head on over to our resume examples, where we have HUNDREDS of sample resumes from different professions to choose from as a resume download. Why? Split up into two columns, the main resume body area gets neat little ribbon arrows which point out each section title, perfect for the often way-too-quick glance the employer gives the first time around. Free resume templates in MS Word format, professionally designed and fully editable. If you’re looking for a great simple resume for job hunting, Cubic’s your best bet. Split into two columns, the right side does the heavy lifting, your longer sentences and paragraphs, while the shorter one on the left is reserved for short details, such as your resume skills or licenses. A lot of successful careers start with one simple and clean resume template. Simple resume templates are multitalented. I’m interested in applying for. Pick a template, fill it in. Know how to write a simple resume, because a minimal resume template still deserves maximum writing effort. I certainly do not want this little problem to cost me a job because I did not comply with the request. Just look at that functional resume sample above. Need help deciding which clean resume template is right for your situation? Do you want to tell your hiring manager about your design skills, experience, and hobbies in a clean, modern way? How did you like our choice of basic resume templates? This basic resume template is free from distractions and incorporates a well-organized sidebar—a great place for you to put skills on a resume to give them proper exposure.

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