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Updated Winter 2018-2019 Outlook, Forecast. Gloves are still in stock. Indie board games are helping us forget our hunger, but they’ll run out soon.” Daniel Silvermint, a transplant to Seattle from Minnesota, posted his impressions of Seattleites preparing for “Snowmageddon” on Twitter recently. And Queen Anne Avenue North always attracts daredevils on sleds, but we’re not sure if this looks fun or dumb or a mix of both, but it’s one way to get around: Skiing down “Mount Queen Anne”…@KING5Seattle #Seattle #SeattleSnow, — Chris Daniels (@ChrisDaniels5) February 4, 2019. Never. But some of the worst damage was already done Monday morning, and the snow was causing power outages. People running out of stores with armfuls of Yerba Mate tea.” Rioters are milling about, looking embarrassed. Drop the gloves and vote: Should Seattle’s hockey team be called the Kraken or Sockeyes? Daniel Silvermint, a transplant to Seattle from Minnesota, posted his impressions of Seattleites preparing for “Snowmageddon” on Twitter recently. REUTERS/Anthony...more, Snow blankets the roof of the famous Pike Place Market in Seattle January 15, 2012, while a ferry floats past West Seattle in the background as snow continues to fall during the Puget Sound region's first major storm of this winter. • “Snow flurries have started in earnest. Too expensive even for the looters.” REUTERS/Cliff DesPeaux, Zach Salgado (L) swings a pair of nunchucks in an attempt to destroy a snowman in Kirkland, Washington as his friend Brady O'Brien looks on January 18, 2012. What's a Polar Vortex, Will One Develop This Year. 8 in global ranking of best universities; computer science among top subjects, Like what you're reading? Other areas across the state were also under advisories, the statement from the NWS listed "far southwest Mason County and the interior lowlands of Grays Harbor County, including Matlock, McCleary, and Montesano and Lowlands of Thurston, western Lewis, and far southeast Mason counties, including Olympia, Centralia, and Toledo and the Admiralty Inlet area. • “People have been lined up outside the Trader Joe’s for hours, waiting for them to open., — WSDOT Traffic (@wsdot_traffic) February 4, 2019. So much for the global warming crowd to digest. Diane at, Thanks, Chuck. • “I was fine when ski bandits cleaned out University Village (local shopping mall). Recent cold weather and snow has been affecting other states too. Cleaned off my truck, (2 wheel drive) , and went to work. Learn more about underwritten and sponsored content on GeekWire. Subscribe to our website to be the first to read news and articles about life of islanders in America. I asked where he was from. Traffic was one of the things the snow had affected most. )” Seattle area residents on Tuesday braced for an epic storm, expected to drop up to 10 inches of snow and...more, Cary Rheder of Newcastle, Washington shovels snow off his car in downtown Bellevue, Washington while on his way to work January 18, 2012. • “People are bartering monogrammed yoga mats for just a single slice of cauliflower pizza.”, • “It’s like Mad Max but with Amazon Prime vans.” But it wasn’t much of a commute, as plenty of people wisely opted to stay off roads and work from home if they were able to. • “People are burning first drafts of their novels for warmth.” I love chinese food but i make my own. Beautiful to look at. Ten days later, it’s now the city’s snowiest month in 50 years. And she knows it's pretty cold out there. Hi, Buzz — I can barely see across the street through the snow coming down. Some areas around Seattle received more than 10 inches of snow Saturday, the most in 70 years, the … More than 120 people were rescued on Thursday from a Sierra Nevada, California, resort after being trapped by snow for five days. © 2020 BBC. To continue reading login or create an account. REUTERS/Robert Sorbo, Cheryl Claypool uses a snow blower to clear the sidewalk in front of her home in Renton, Washington, January 18, 2012, as snow blanketed the Puget Sound region overnight. The local Walmart has a waiting list for parking spaces. Being snowbound isn’t a terrible thing if you’re totally prepared. 16 1/2 inches of snow in Maple Valley this morning measured on top of the table on our deck. 10.). This guy spun out on SB 5 near Everett Mall, and is now driving the wrong way. I think they have the new Harry Potter?” ifagalz © 2020 | All Rights Reserved | Privacy | Term of Use, Pasifika work continues, even in the rain. • “You’re all making me feel very welcome here. • “No one living on a hill will ever be heard from again. The internet speeds we want are not just a function of your home or office network, but also how your ISP manages capacity and latency to enable the “zip” we’re all looking for. It’s almost as if hockey is coming…#ReturnToHockey, — NHL Seattle (@NHLSeattle_) February 4, 2019. ❄️ : @jeffriseden #seattlesnow #pikeplacemarket #visitseattle, A post shared by Visit Seattle (@visitseattle) on Feb 3, 2019 at 11:00pm PST, Winter weather and viaduct closures giving us all the post-apocalyptic vibes today in the Seattle Studio. Pasifika coming together. They have become the neighborhood saviors, being the only way to get to the store, pick up kids, just getting around town. Poland's top court rules that abortion due to fetal defects is unconstitutional, amounting to an almost total ban on the procedure. The National Weather Service says parts of Seattle have received more than 10.6in (27cm) of snow so far this February - the highest amount in 70 years. Seattle 'Snowmageddon': City Light Power Outages Map, Traffic Wrecks Across Washington | U.S. Even the Stormtroopers got stuck — at least it appears that way in this clever bit of Photoshop: The #seattlesnow is beautiful, please be careful out there!#seattle #wawx #weather #snow #nwsspotter #spotterreport, — WA State & Local (@CDWGWAGov) February 4, 2019. • “PCC (a local food cooperative) is still fully stocked. “Snowmageddon”! • “People enduring literal Seattle Freeze.” We occasionally update our terms and privacy policies pages so if you have not read them lately, we encourage you to do so. Seattle area residents on Tuesday braced for an epic storm, expected to drop up to 10 inches of snow and nicknamed "Snowmageddon" for the havoc it was expected to wreak on the region.

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