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Vincent de Paul was also spiritual director for Saint Jane Frances de Chantal(1572-1641, canonized 1767) for almost twenty years. But, when we are truly confident in our views, we can listen and respond kindly without defensiveness. Later he would also become superior of the second, then the third in that diocese (Paris). Due to popular demand, Salesiana Publishers reprinted this great resource in 1997. ', 'Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. His zeal extended beyond the limits of his own diocese. Oftentimes, when we become contentious or angry during a discussion, we may seem confident but are actually doubtful. During that time, despite their vastly different social backgrounds, he and Vincent de Paul became close friends. He had an intense love for the poor, and his food was plain, his dress and his household simple. All those who draw inspiration, strength and consolation from the gentle, insightful spirit of St. Francis de Sales are indebted to Father Klauder for taking on this important work. His assurance from God couldn’t be shaken by his Protestant interlocutors so he was able to listen and, in turn, help them hear. Our fear of being unlovable is also at the root of many of our sins as well. This on line retreat of the reproduces the opening selection from the writings of St. Francis de Sales as edited by Father Klauder. By poverty - detaching itself from material possessions - the heart is freed to respond to God's love. This page was last edited on 11 July 2014, at 19:56. Francis de Sales was born at Thorens in the Duchy of Savoy on August 21, 1567. His family experienced some serious financial difficulties during his early life, and the diocese of Geneva, having lost a large amount of property and income in the wars between France and Savoy, was certainly not materially wealthy. St. Francis de Sales by Fr. His goodness, patience and mildness became proverbial. Vincent saw holiness and humanity in the life of Francis de Sales, and found in him a meeting with the living Christ. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections, but instantly set about remedying them—every day begin the task anew. He was strong on encouragement and hope, on the goodness and mercy of God, on the unity of God and Man. Vincent de Paul gave detailed testimony of Francis' life and virtue in the beatification cause. We know we are sinners and are afraid others wouldn’t love us if they knew the extent of our depravity. There, on December 27, he was seized with apoplexy and died the following day. 175 quotes from Francis de Sales: 'The measure of love is to love without measure. He carefully visited the parishes scattered through the rugged mountains of his diocese. As Vincent de Paul drew from Pierre de Bérulle, André Duval, and also Benet of Canfield's work The Rule of Perfection, so also did he draw from Francis de Sales and his writings. Following is a list of the principal written works of Francis de Sales: The writings of Francis de Sales set out an easy and safe way to journey towards Christian perfection. To serve the poor means to free them from the poverty that prevents them being able to respond to God's love. Vincent's letters and conferences contain a great many quotations from the writings of Francis de Sales, and references to his ideas. Francis de Sales heralded for Vincent the idea that holiness was for everyone, regardless of their state of life - and this is the message of the Introduction to the Devout Life. In his famous work, Introduction to the Devout Life, Francis encouraged his reader to “go on bravely in the spirit of humility to make your general confession;—but I entreat you, be not troubled by any sort of fearfulness. Though Francis de Sales lived only another four years, his own spirituality and virtue, as well as his writings, especially An Introduction to the Devout Life, and Treatise on the Love of God, were to have a profound influence on Vincent. Here he prayed the Memorare prayer and truly was delivered from his crippling doubt. Francis had opened up to Vincent the horizons of sanctity and the means to obtain it. © Copyright 2020 Catholic Exchange. Francis de Sales along with with Jane Frances de Chantal founded the Visitation of Holy Mary. In 1923, Pope Pius XI named St. Francis de Sales the patron saint of Catholic writers and the Catholic press because of … It was this confidence in perfect love that allowed St. Francis de Sales to be truly honest with himself and make a courageous self-examination. The most extreme type of poverty was separation from God. The scorpion who stings us is venomous, but when his oil has been distilled, it is the best remedy for his bite;—even so sin is shameful when we commit it, but when reduced to repentance and confession, it becomes salutary and honourable.”. The language of Vincent in regard to the poor in many cases echoes that used in Francis de Sales' writings. Prayer was oriented to action, and, being a means to holiness, is accessible to all. Instead it was, again, his courage and hope in the love of God. The thoughts and principles of Francis de Sales' Treatise on the Love of God were evident in Vincent's conferences to the Daughters of Charity and the members of the Congregation of the Mission at St Lazare. St. Francis de Sales. He delivered the Lent and Advent discourses which are still famous - those at Dijon (1604), where he first met the Baroness de Chantal; at Chambéry (1606); at Grenoble (1616, 1617, 1618), where he converted the Maréchal de Lesdiguières.

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