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Many of his efforts at rehabilitating himself, the court wrote, “seem to have been directed primarily at advancing his own well-being rather than returning something to the community.”. [Business Wire], * Miami criminal defense attorney Michael Grieco thought he was representing Justin Bieber and let all the media outlets know it. Supporters added that he had shown consistent honesty and high ethics in the years since the scandal erupted. Manual published by Lorman. Glass, who graduated in 2000 from Georgetown’s law school, works as a paralegal for a firm in Beverly Hills, California. California, Deaths, Gay, Immigration, Law Schools, Morning Docket, Paul Clement, SCOTUS, Supreme Court, Texas, UVA Law, White-Collar Crime. Con: his crime suggests low moral character. Standing or not, Perry got completely hosed in Iowa. What Else Dewey Know About Zachary Warren? Sponsored by Capital Bank. Glass later acknowledged that he had repaid over $200,000 to The New Republic and o… The state Supreme Court noted that Charles Lane, the editor at The New Republic who unmasked Glass, showed little sympathy in his testimony to the court. Surely the same people who passed Prop 8 will be enlightened enough to do something proactive about systemic discrimination. “The applicant failed to carry his heavy burden of establishing his rehabilitation and current fitness,” the court said in a unanimous decision. Change ), Mailing address: PO BOX 4770, CARY, NC 27519, Tel: 919-948-7633 Fax: 919-827-4878. Industry Report: Survival or Evolution Report, How Your Rivals Are Breaking Digital Precedent. The bar judge sided with Glass, as did a review panel, but the state committee of bar examiners that oversees admissions asked the state Supreme Court to deny him a license. [Chronicle of Higher Education], * The art of negotiation and terrible cigars. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. California refused to admit Stephen Glass. Ed. Accounting Health Check. “The question is, Are we prepared to say as lawyers that a man who is no longer considered moral enough to be a journalist is moral enough to be a lawyer? Is working from home (literally) a pain in the neck? It looks like the same geniuses from Auckland Law School behind the Blurred Lines parody. No, because… free speech? In all these respects, his misconduct bore directly on his character in matters that are critical to the practice of law.". I think the answer is no.”. Continuing Legal Education: The Other Side of Drafting: A Litigator’s Perspective. North Carolina Probate and Estate Planning Skills for Paralegals, 2003 Continuing Legal Education. A phone message left at Mr. Glass’s office, where he is a paralegal, was not returned. [Bloomberg] * What’s next for Stephen Glass? [WSJ Law Blog], * Life, liberty, and the pursuit of fabulosity! He spent 30 years with the Associated Press, covering news, politics and occasionally sports in Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento, and legal affairs in San Francisco from 1984 onward. The court said Mr. Glass had not been forthright in a previous application to the New York bar and had not acknowledged his shortcomings in that effort (he was informally notified in advance that his New York application would be rejected). But for legal geeks, the important point is footnote 1, where the opinion shouts out then-clerk, now federal judge Analisa Torres for her role in drafting the opinion. Live Phone Service To 11pm, 7 Days, Copyright ©1999 - 2020 Stephen H. Shub. Video below… [Huffington Post Live], California, Legal Ethics, Media and Journalism, Paralegals, Stephen Glass Isn’t A Lawyer Just Because Of The Whole ‘Serial Lying’ Thing. 15 in tight races, Multi-love: What it's like to have more than one partner in the pandemic, Here's when the biggest wind event of 2020 is expected to hit the Bay Area,, How 'Emily in Paris' gets cast iron skillets wrong, The Under Armour face mask now comes in sizes from XS to XXL, Walmart just announced that 'Black Friday' starts Nov. 4, Your guide to purchasing KN95 and NIOSH-approved N95 masks. Automation: The Great Litigation Equalizer, 1995 North Carolina Bar Continuing Legal Education, Computerized Litigation Support-Death of The Paper Chase,” 1990 North Carolina Defense Lawyers  Continuing Legal Education, Winning the Gang-Busters Litigation Through Information Management, 1998 North Carolina Bar Continuing Legal Education. Mr. Glass’s case has been intensely debated in journalistic and legal circles, raising questions about character, forgiveness and whether it is possible to atone for ethical transgressions. He worked for The New Republicfrom 1995 to 1998, where he served as an associate editor, until it was revealed that many of his published articles were fabrications. Stephen Glass is consistently recognized by the nation’s top lawyer peer-review rating service as a “Premier Lawyer” – the highest rating in … Glass' application to become a lawyer in California was pending for six years. When New Republic editor Charles Lane challenged one of his articles that mentioned a company, Glass created a website and a newsletter for the nonexistent company and had his brother pose as a company executive in a phone call to Lane. 22 and Prop. Employment Law Update in North Carolina; 2012 Continuing Legal Education. E-mail: The committee described him as a "pervasive and documented liar," noting that he only admitted his guilt after being caught and did not immediately own up to all his phony stories. One tipster wonders if Stephen Glass should try his luck outside America? Steve is a graduate of Wake Forest University Law School and the University of Virginia. [New Orleans Times-Picayune], * Maybe Harvard needs some new tax lawyers. What Dewey Know About Zachary Warren, Defendant No. In 2004, Mr. Glass moved to California, where he was hired by a law firm as a clerk. [Grantland], * Everyone’s favorite Harvard Law transcript forger cum insider trading defendant, Matthew Martoma, just can’t catch a break — the government is trying to get a couple of key defense experts tossed. Why Most Law Firms Suck at Intake and How Yours Can Do Better. As Owner and CEO of Glass Law Firm Steve is passionate about his clients and is consistently recognized by the nation’s top lawyer peer-review rating service as a “Premier Lawyer”, the highest rating in professional ability and in ethical standards. ( Log Out /  Is Your Accounting Helping Your Firm Perform? Additional information about defendant number 4 in the Dewey criminal case, including testimonials from people who know him and information about his family’s finances. American Bar Association / ABA, Copyright, Free Speech, Health Care / Medicine, Law Schools, Movies, Non-Sequiturs, * Opera singer who can’t sing without farting sues for $2.5 million. ], Diogenes and other Noted Celebrities – IRS Innocent Spouse Relief and Responsible Persons in IRS Trust Fund Recovery Cases; 2011 Annual Meeting of North Carolina Certified Family Law Specialists, usiness Institute Continuing Legal Education, ll Drafting and Probate — Navigating the Trust Process From Start to Finish, 2010 National Business Institute Continuing Legal Education [Update from 2006], Mechanics of Drafting and Executing Trusts, Fundamental Understanding of Ethics in Trusts, Helping Your Client Buy or Sell A Small-to-Medium Sized Business, 2008 National Business Institute Continuing Legal Education, Overview of Buying and Selling Businesses; Negotiation, Letters of Intent, The Due Diligence Process, Reviewing Business Operations – Business Valuation Methods, Drafting LLC Agreements: Essential Skills and Hands on Training, 2008 National Business Institute Continuing Legal Education.

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