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We could not be more excited to introduce ourselves to the wonderful people of St. Louis, MO! The owners decided to use Belgian rock sugar, which is more expensive and challenging to use in the formulation, but the inverted sugar provides a unique floral sweetness, which is complemented by citrus and spice, followed by a subtle medicinal note of horehound. The name Switchgrass Spirits is rooted in the amazing scenery that is Midwestern prairies and the oceans of switchgrass that stretch as far as the eye can see. Switchgrass Spirits is now officially in business, and with it providing Missouri whiskey lover’s more local options to enjoy. The distillery's now ready to share its first spirit with the public, an easy-drinking “rock and rye” (a legal category of bottled cocktail). The three crowd-sourced funds and, with the help of friends and family, raised the necessary money. Built on Switchgrass’s grain-forward rye whiskey, Copperhead has vanilla and caramel tones, creating a layered depth. cans, Fall Beers Part 2 | 26 beers for fall that don’t taste like pumpkin, New barleywine expected from 2nd Shift, Perennial, TWCP trillaboration. Copyright © 2020 | MH Magazine WordPress Theme by MH Themes. They shared a desire to open a worker-owned distillery that removed the mystique from making and enjoying spirits. To support operations and pass demanding regulations, they began renovations, including pouring a new floor strong enough to support the stills and barrels. BOX 191606 Seelbach recognizes the many similarities between craft beer and craft distilling, saying, “Craft distilling is where craft brewing was 10 years ago.” He also notes that St. Louis cares about the same values that define Switchgrass. Our way is more expensive for us, and it’s hard. "Unlike many distilleries whose distilling process is controlled by automation and computers, we customize our decisions on each batch to decide what will be heads, tails, or hearts.”, To help market their sprits, the Millers and Grosch welcomed another founding owner, sales and marketing manager Jerry Seelbach, who was previously in the beer industry. Sour mashing is when previously fermented mash, from a previous batch, is used in the following batch. They use both a 5 plate column still which allows them to further fractionalize their cuts and separate off-flavors from desired flavors in their spirits and an alembic pot still which is the most traditional kind of still. It’s no secret that Missouri whiskey is prospering, highlighted by the creation of a unique class of spirits called Missouri Bourbon Whiskey. “It matters to St. Louisans that we are local, all the way from grain to glass.”. All rights reserved. Over the past two years, a new distillery has been furtively producing some of Missouri’s finest whiskey and fruit brandies in a historic building on a quiet, dead-end street in Wellston. Switchgrass distills their own sweet mashed rye whiskey and combines it with Belgian rock candy, real citrus peel, horehound, and spices to create Copperhead’s unique taste. Only through the investments of our friends and family, and support from our community was it possible to move forward with our dream to create this worker-owned, environmentally conscious company. A single blade of grass might not have looked like much, but all together, they created one of nature’s most beautiful and simple masterpieces. The Switchgrass still, a work of art and technology. Switchgrass Spirits Now Available. This is especially important over the winter when temperatures get very low.”. Switchgrass Spirits uses batch distilling. Almost every aspect of the building needed some work; they made the updates while salvaging many architectural details. It’s been a long journey to get to this point. Switchgrass Spirits, a worker-owned distillery, operates utilizing almost exclusively local ingredients and products.From the Missouri white oak barrels custom made for them by a tiny cooperage an hour away to the locally harvested grain and corn to the glass bottles (crafted by a family-run company in Farmington), staying local was of paramount importance to Switchgrass. “We have a beautiful vaulted wooden ceiling that leaves a lot of space for our tanks,” said Seelbach. Switchgrass Spirits releases Copperhead Rock & Rye. Your email address will not be published. Jerry Seelbach later joined the team in 2019. They also take pride in their ingredients which are thoughtfully sourced. “We’re especially excited about our apple brandy which is made from 100% Jonathon apples from Happy Apple Farms in Washington, Missouri,” said Seelbach. ), “Our goal was to create a whiskey-based cocktail that felt welcoming to all," says Patrick Grosch. The distillery is housed inside a refurbished historic American Legion Hall in Wellston. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Switchgrass Spirits was made possible by so many people coming together to create something bigger than themselves,” said Seelbach. “We make our cuts by taste,” says Grosch. Switchgrass Spirits (6100 Idadale Avenue, Wellston), a new distillery based in Wellston, will help warm lonely hearts this February with its first product release. “Another fun thing about our building is our floor,” said Seelbach. Copyright 2020 SLM Media Group. Finally, after the renovations were complete and paperwork finalized, the long-awaited process of distilling those first pulls of whiskey and brandy began. The owners named it Copperhead after the venomous snake commonly found slithering through Missouri switchgrass. It’s no secret that Missouri whiskey is prospering, highlighted by the creation of a unique class of spirits called Missouri Bourbon Whiskey. “This gives the whiskey a fresh, sweeter taste. And the good news continues, because Missouri, and St. Louis are about to get another new distillery. The distilling process is short compared to the years that the whiskey must spend aging in oak barrels to mature and develop flavors and whiskey’s desired brown hue. “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”, “A love of whiskey and paperwork brought me here.”, “When the snake goes straight, he gets nowhere.”, “It might be bigger than you, and it might be bigger than me, but it ain’t bigger than you and me. Copperhead Rock and Rye is available at the following locations: P.O. We age it the right amount of time. The building is divided into two sections. Switchgrass Spirits is a proudly Midwestern, worker-owned company that manufactures high quality whiskey and fruit brandy. Switchgrass Holdings is the current owner-operator of 43 Burger King restaurants in the state of Oklahoma. We make our own product. “We sweet mash in sealed fermenters which means we use fresh yeast for every batch,” said Seelbach. From the Missouri white oak barrels custom made for them by a tiny cooperage an hour away to the locally harvested grain and corn to the glass bottles (crafted by a family-run company in Farmington), staying local was of paramount importance to Switchgrass. Yoga before beer, you’re in the clear | Yoga Buzz bringing more events to area breweries, Old Bridgeview Brewing will be Missouri’s first community brewery. Copperhead is recommended as a shot, on the rocks, or as a cocktail with your favorite seltzer. Head distiller Grosch experimented, researched, and developed the formulations. On the other side, the barreling room where their spirits are stored and aged. Since we’re worker-owned, we can make the decision to operate like that. We would spend the next few years honing our skills as distillers and rebuilding a historic American Legion Hall on the north side of Saint Louis. “In St. Louis, the public really backs their local companies and businesses,” he says. There are no upcoming events at this time. 314-918-3000. We have been quietly working and distilling in a converted American Legion Hall since 2018. Arcana is now switchgrass Spirits Find Out More@ Our mission is to create a new model for American manufacturing, promote the ancient art of distilling, and utilize the local bounty found in Missouri with our worker owned distillery to create … It wasn’t always easy, but we had a lot of help from our friends, family, and community.

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