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the dark night of the soul summary

But those who are weak are purified very slowly, with weak temptations, and the night of their purgation is long: their senses are refreshed from time to time lest they should fall away; these, however, come late to the pureness of their perfection in this life, and some of them never. 2) Faithfulness: “The second sign and condition of this purgation are that the memory dwells ordinarily upon God with a painful anxiety and carefulness, the soul thinks it is not serving God, but going backwards, because it is no longer conscious of any sweetness in the things of God” (349). Throughout his book, St. John refers to the poem as he writes about the different stages of love through which the soul must pass. Much of this book is based on a poem called "The Stanzas of the Soul." God is at work transforming your soul! Miller’s feelings about reading, writing and the purpose both serve make The Dark Night of the soul a piece of writing that any fans of literature enjoy. These persons are not clearly in the purgative night, nor clearly out of it; for though they make no onward progress, yet in order that they may be humble and know themselves, God tries them for a season in aridities and temptations, and visits them with His consolations at intervals lest they should become faint-hearted, and seek for comfort in the ways of the world. “One of the most common mistakes spiritual directors and confessors tend to make is the easy diagnosis of ordinary sufferings as “dark nights”. During this hellish imprisionment , St. John wrote The Dark Night of the Soul, a spiritually moving and mystical book that systematically describes John’s actual experience in poetic language. More helpful than the “guide” I bought along with the copy I read. During this hellish imprisionment (see page 2), St. John wrote The Dark Night of the Soul, a spiritually moving and mystical book that systematically describes John’s actual experience in poetic language. These sins are: pride, sloth, envy, avarice, luxury, gluttony and wrath. So when the Divine light of contemplation shines into the soul, not yet perfectly enlightened, it causes spiritual darkness, because it not only surpasses its strength, but because it obscures it and deprives it of its natural perceptions” (381). Very soon after a person begins to live the Gospel seriously and give adequate time to mental prayer. None can understand it, I think, except that soul which has experienced it. It is much more painful than the first night, but it is also far more beneficial, fitting a person to be united in a perfect oneness with God ” (Dubay 159-160). ...Pat Key Eric Rupert WRI121 October 11, 2011 Summary Dark Night of the Soul Dark Night of the Soul written by Richard E. Miller is a compilation of essays written about people that express themselves through writings of their own or by others. God must take over and purge him in that fire that is dark for him.” – St. John of the Cross. The soul, having ascended to the heights of the mystic ladder of divine love, is now united with God in a bond of perfect love and is able to share that love with everyone (click here for the 10 steps of the mystic ladder). They got back at those people who they felt failed them by stepping into school one morning equipped with automatic guns. #2: All remaining imperfections are burned away by the divine fire or pulled up by their roots. This ladder leads the believer from his worldly bonds to a perfect, complete union with God. Night is the image for the journey wherein the soul is deprived of desire for worldly things, dispossessed of natural understandings of God and plunged into Divine Darkness. Miller writes the story in a very unique way. When does this 1st night of sense occur in one’s spiritual life? Having already outlined how we are to prepare ourselves for union with God (“the active night”) in The Ascent of Mount Carmel, St. John now explains how God prepares us for union with Him (“the passive nights”). After the poem is interpreted, however, one comes to understand that it is actually a poem about the love between God and the human soul. The soul has a constant recollection of God, begins to bear the 12 fruits of the Spirit, and is delivered from the world, the flesh, and the devil. 382). “In an Obscure Night, With anxious love inflamed, O, happy lot! “O how happy must the soul then be, when it is delivered from the house of its sensitive appetite! Dark Night of the Soul Summary. Her mother hides her past because of fear of being rejected by her daughter and society. But, since the purgation of the soul is not finished and perfect, can still experience, at various intervals, certain intense darknesses and trials that act “like signs and heralds of the coming night of spirit” (373). Thus the more clear the light the more does it blind the eyes of the owl, and the stronger the sun’s rays the greater the darkness of our visual organs; for the sun, in its own strength shining, overcomes them, by reason of their weakness, and deprives them of the power of seeing. In this story Miller really shows us the power of imagination. Once you recognize the signs of infused contemplation at work in your soul, remain quiet with a simple attentiveness to God. 1) Take courage. To remedy his crisis he locks himself in his house in the dark for six days. 1) Contemplative: Although ordinary sufferings (eg. Miller shows us how writing can help people sort out their thoughts with the hope of better understanding the problem or the solution. Forth unobserved I went, My house being now at rest” (Stanza 1). Think of the pain your eyes feel when you see the bright sun after having spent time in darkness (the pure and clear light of God’s love shining on the impure and dark state of our soul cf. Although it is one of the most difficult books to read on Christian mysticism, St. John’s forceful and energetic style give hope and comfort to those who have entered into the dark nights.

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