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the end of an era meaning

Answer: The end of the age (“end of the world” in the KJV) refers to the end of this present era and the commencement of the next dispensation. The first point is that the budget must have added community value and not merely give the impression of the end of an era. End of an Era can mean a few different things. End of an era A band named FYNX first EP. (something) marks the end of an era An "era" is a period of history in which something important happens. The end of an era is a time when things change. Today, such thanks must be of a special nature. It is not the last time they will be thanked but it is the end of an era. When you finish school or leave a good job, it is the end of an era. It consists of 8 songs (intro, half dead , legends never die , chemical addiction, snakes, just saying, blackout and never the same). An "era" usually lasts for a long time: hundreds or thousands of years. It is the period that precedes the second coming of the Son of Man as the Righteous Judge. You probably have new prospects to think about. For example, the renaissance was an era in Europe where Art and medicine practice flourished. It could mean humanity is coming to an end of a certain industrial, artistic, religious, sociological, or technological era. It is the end of a special period of time.

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