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It became the most successful vampire story of the latter twentieth century, now ranked only behind Bram Stoker's Dracula in popularity. A wealthy but supposedly evil m a n died and was buried, emerging soon after to roam the streets of the town. Religion and Folklore in Northern India. London: Neville Spearman, 1963. He slept in a coffin and always ate his meals with his pet toad on his shoulder. He was portrayed as a tall m a n with the head and wings of a bat, his face and teeth those of the vampire bat. Bebarlangs A tribe found in the Philippines that supposedly had members who practiced a kind of psychic vampirism. (See also Earth.) His treatise became widely read in England as the result of the publication in London in 1745 of The Travels of Three English Gentlemen, which included translated excerpts of the work. Bram Stoker, one of the great innovators and contributors to modern vampire lore, has Count Dracula appear twice in the daytime without any ill effect. Lust For Blood. Into such a body the devil enters and, proceeding from the tomb, goes about mainly at night, knocking on doors and calling one of the house. The callicantzaro (plural callicantzari) is a child born during the time of holiness between Christmas and Epiphany (perhaps even later), who must leave his or her family to live most of the year in the underworld. V a n Sloan, E d w a r d American actor (1882-1964) who appeared in many horror films and was best known for his portrayal of Professor Abraham Van Heising in Dracula, both on the stage and in the 1931 movie. Interestingly, the ring he wore as the count was later worn by Christopher Lee in his film outings as the renowned bloodsucker. 17 Baths, Blood Baths, B l o o d A horrifying practice involving actual bathing or showering in h u m a n blood, tied to the belief that blood contained definite restorative powers and was especially beneficial for the skin. When the girl and her husband secured a lawyer, her uncle vowed revenge despite his deteriorating condition, caused by tuberculosis. Another character, Jirel of Joiry, encounters a vampiric entity in "Hellsgarde" (1939). (See also Kephn.) Datlow, Ellen, ed. Book title: The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead Several revenants came back from the grave to aid their families and friends—the shoemaker in Constantinople made shoes for his children, while a farmer on Samos tilled the soil at night. The sight of the vampire is suited to the dark, probably along the infrared spectrum. The Living and the Undead: From Stoker's Dracula to Romero's Dawn of the Dead. Crosses made of pure silver are supposedly much more powerful in providing protection than other ones, especially against vampires. One of the works that helped to present Vlad to the West as a savage, wild tyrant, the pamphlet included a woodcut depicting the ruler dining in the midst of numerous impaled victims. The authorities burned the corpse. Method Remarks Mirrors Placed on doors because they really annoy vampires when they cannot see their own reflection in them. The symbolism of the tool is derived from the association of the hammer with the thunder god of the Teutons and the Norse deity Thor, whose powerful weapon was a terrible foe of all evil. His writings were the inspiration for the Italian opera 7 Vampiri, written by Silvestri di Palmi and performed in 1800.

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