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tornado april 9, 2020

Thursday’s strong winds could cause tree damage, power outages. .animate({opacity:1, left:imageinfo.newattrs.x, top:imageinfo.newattrs.y, width:imageinfo.newattrs.w, height:imageinfo.newattrs.h}, setting.duration, The final violent tornado of the day was a low-end EF5 which impacted Dalton, Georgia around 2143. El Nino and La Nina var $targets=$('.magnify') jQuery.imageMagnify.refreshoffsets($(window), $this, imageinfo) //refresh offset positions of original and warped images The tornado caused extensive damage in the southern Nashville metropolitan area. The NWS says this was an EF-1 tornado, with peak winds at 100 mph. if ($target.attr('data-magnifyto')) }) return true //skip to next matched element National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration The tornado initially touched down on the northwest side of a large family home and farm on Fairfield Road. $target.imageMagnify(options) Climate Prediction On April 8, a significant derecho struck portions of Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. 231.6 mph (Augusta, GA EF4 tornado) (confirmed), 1Time from first tornado to last tornado NWS This warranted the SPC to issue a high risk in the 1300 outlook as a progressive derecho entered the high risk area and began to break up. By 1845, supercells began to develop in the enhanced risk area, and moved east, producing the first tornado of the day at 1901 near Clifton, Tennessee. jQuery.imageMagnify.magnify($, $imgref, options) 1-Stop Drought */ } Minnesota Tornado Kills 1, Damages Multiple Farmsteads Jul 9, 2020, 2:53 pm EDT return this.each(function(){ //return jQuery obj CoCoRaHS var $this=$(this).css({opacity:setting.imgopacity}) The tornado had a estimated peak wind gust of 291 mph as it moved through northern Warsaw. At 1809, a doppler-on-wheels confirmed a peak wind gust of 231.6 mph with the high-end EF4 tornado as it decimated the unit, killing a cameraman and heavily injuring the other passenger and driver. Multiple locations were found. jQuery.imageMagnify.magnify($, $imgref, options) Local Climate Page By 2130, a intense line of tornadic thunderstorms had entered northern Indiana, producing the strongest tornado of the outbreak at 2213 near Warsaw, Indiana. April 8, 2020 was one of the few days on record with more than one F5/EF5 tornado. * This notice must stay intact for usage The roof of the St. Mary of Czestochowa church lays in the street on Kenneth Avenue in New Kensington, Pa. after it was blown off in a storm Wednesday, April 8, 2020. NWS Decision Support Page It caused $15.87 billion in damages, most of it in Allegheny National Forest in north central Pennsylvania. This tornado traveled 1/4 mile. The family said that they heard all the doors in the house shut tightly and heard a distinct roar. else if (warpshell.newattrs.x+warpshell.newattrs.w > winattrs.x+winattrs.w){//no space to the right?,_2020?oldid=56806, 290 mph (Warsaw, IN EF5 tornado) (estimate). A strong EF3 tornado took a path similar to the 1962 Valdosta tornado as a violent supercell tracked northeast. Duke Energy's outage map showed more than 70,000 customers went without power and IPL reported that some 19,000 were still without power early on Thursday. magnifyby: 4, //default increase factor of enlarged image (was set to 3 originally) The Enhanced Fujita (EF) Scale classifies tornadoes into the following categories: Current Hazards The tornado lifted at 2207. LMK Warning Area As the supercells moved southeast, the first tornado watch of the day was issued at 1701 for southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Wilmington, Current Conditions Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. The tornado devastated Augusta at around 1820. Clark County. The tornado destroyed an old barn on Chester Hahn Road but weakened to an EF-0 of 80 mph and ended with a few snapped trees before Dugan Lane. }) //end animate var winattrs={x:$window.scrollLeft(), y:$window.scrollTop(), w:$window.width(), h:$window.height()} SKYWARN. National Weather Service Thanks to nelson county drone you could clearly see trees laying in multiple directions. Climate Graphs The owner of the house was upstairs sleeping, when he heard his ears popping, then a large roar of wind on top of the house and bricks fell on his bed. It was one of the costliest derechos to ever strike Pennsylvania. }) //end click }) var setting=jQuery.extend(setting, this.dsettings, options) Weather Radio The National Weather Service says one tornado touched down near Tarentum and continued to New Kensington, and a second tornado touched down near Lower Burrell. } Records date back to 1948. The tornado would go on to devastate the Orlando area later that afternoon as a high-end EF4 tornado. April 9, 2020, 4:30 PM EDT Above: The F5 tornado that tore through Moore and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on May 3, 1999. } Text Products All NOAA, Hazards options.magnifyby=parseFloat($target.attr('data-magnifyby')) Tornado Pictures Show Buildings Completely Destroyed in Indiana, Arkansas As Over 100,000 Without Power. The roof of a bar in Franklin, Indiana, collapsed after a tornado and storms ripped across the state. Damage suggested winds of 254 mph as it entered Jasper. Pittsburgh International Airport reported a peak wind gust of 75 mph just after 1 a.m. That is the fastest thunderstorm-related wind ever recorded at the airport. The information from today's survey of two tornadoes that touched down during the early morning hours of April 8th 2020. var $clone=imageinfo.$clone }, By JAY REEVES April 9, 2020 GMT TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) — As each day brings the United States closer to peak severe weather season, Tornado Alley residents are facing a … The information from today's survey of two tornadoes that touched down during the early morning hours of April 8th 2020. Thank you!". //none added By 1600, a major tornado outbreak was underway in the southeast, the first tornado emergency of the day was issued for Tallahassee as a EF4 tornado approached the area.

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