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tornadoes in north carolina history

For 2007 and beyond, [1][2][10], This storm was preceded and followed by a wide area of downburst damage – with scattered areas of damage to farms and small structures reported across a wide area of southern Cabarrus County, eastern Mecklenburg County (NE of Mint Hill) and the Goose Creek area of northwestern Union County. Length - Length of tornado path in miles. Holmes; his findings were published in the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society journal for 1884. Newsletter Having Nationwide, Safety and Education The 1988 Raleigh tornado outbreak of November 28, 1988, was the most destructive of the seven tornadoes reported in northeastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia between 1:00 AM and 5:45 AM The Raleigh tornado produced over $77 million in damage, along with four fatalities (two in the city of Raleigh, and two in Nash County) and 154 injuries.. Model Data, Hazards SPC database - A maximum of 2 coordinates (touchdown and liftoff) is given for each tornado, or each state segment of a tornado Registration is free! Questions? Forecast Photo credit: John M Lund Photography Inc / Getty Images. Reporting Severe Wx if it is a multi-state tornado. If you see a path that is depicted incorrectly, please post a comment The surveyor noted that: Trees were taken up by the roots and hurled with fearful rapidity through the air and those not uprooted had all the bark taken off. Damage path was up to 0.3 miles (0.48 km) wide. Storm Prediction Center Satellite, Hydrology Lake Forecasts Small homes destroyed in the Pacolet and Glenn Springs areas. Nonetheless, an inspection of newspaper reports and governmental studies published in the aftermath reveals tornadoes (or more likely — long-track tornado families) striking Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, with an estimation of at least 50 tornadoes. match the SPC data, except where noted. Sorry, the location you searched for was not found. The surveyor noted a path width of 0.25 miles (0.40 km) to 0.5 miles (0.80 km), with the most extreme damage (and most deaths) in the Philadelphia Church community. Careers in the National Weather Service An unknown number of separate tornadoes, each at least F2 in intensity, produced damage in these counties; in quick succession. Rivers & Lakes. - As of February 1, 2007, the Enhanced Fujita Scale was adopted. E/F3 Events. The paths are not intended to show the full extent of the damage area. Significant damage also occurred in and around the towns of Polkton and Ansonville, where structures in both towns were widely damaged, with homes and farm buildings destroyed south of Ansonville. Click a tornado icon to see information about an event. Cooperative Observers Describing the outbreak, AccuWeather meteorologist Henry Margusity said, "There has not been a tornado outbreak in history over three days with this many tornadoes spawned by a single storm system". NCDC database - Some tornadoes have mutliple sets of coordinates within any state, generally corresponding to entry and exit Strengthening considerably, the storm swept through the southeast edge of Rockingham, where large homes were destroyed to their foundations, and large hardwood trees were snapped at ground level. Current Weather. Inj. Most of the path of this storm was in rural areas, with injuries and major damage along Beaverdam Creek, south of Marshville in Union County, and along Brown Creek in Anson County, northeast of Polkton. Rated F2. A church and many small homes destroyed in the Marietta area, at the foot of the Blue Ridge in NW Greenville County. This was the first of a number of destructive North Carolina storms. Important note: Each path represents the approximate center of the damage path. E/F4 Events . Paths generated from the NCDC data are typically [3] Tabulations from 1884 estimate a total of $3–4 million in tornado damage (with an unknown amount of flood and other damage), with 10,000 structures destroyed.[4]. Downburst damage continued to SW of Asheboro.[1][7][10]. Brevard, Orange, Cook), - Polygons represent shapes of defined geographic areas- The maps currently support state and county/parish polygons- Polygons are not shown on all pages. [1], The majority of reported tornado activity was seen across Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, which were all struck severely by multiple waves of tornado families. E/F0 Events. As the precise number of tornadoes as well as fatalities incurred during the outbreak are unknown, the nickname "Enigma outbreak" has come to be associated with the storm. Click on the background map to view historical stats within a county. Homes destroyed near Branchville. [1] Some events counted as tornadoes in initial studies such as those by John Park Finley were likely downbursts, especially in northern and northeastern portions of the outbreak.

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