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traditional irish music instruments

The Irish fiddle is identical to the violin, however they are differentiated by their playing style and sound. Similar to the tin whistle, air is blown through a mouthpiece while holes are covered and released to produce varying tones. Again, many Irish children would have been taught this instrument due to its simple mechanism. The Bouzouki is another of the lesser-known Irish instruments for playing Irish traditional music and it was adapted from the Greek bouzouki. Traditional Irish music groups (and the ever-popular Irish jam session, called a seisún) are home to a variety of musical instruments which have drifted into the cultural tradition over hundreds of years of musical evolution.The most common include: Next on our list of instruments used in traditional Irish music is the Irish flute. The fiddle is high-pitched and when playing in trad sessions is often heard above other instruments. The Fiddle. The Irish bouzouki is not a traditional Irish musical instrument as it was only introduced to the Irish music scene by Johnny Moynihan (Sweeney’s men) in the mid-1960s.

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