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trichogramma parasitoid

by Mike Hoffmann, Department of Entomology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Trichogramma ostriniae Pang et Chen. Ya., T. Ya. © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. He, 1993. 19 0 R Adult wasps search for a host egg by smell. Trichogramma spp. Appl. In: E. Wajnberg (ed), Trichogramma and Other Egg Parasitoids, 4th International Symposium, Colloques-de-l'INRA 73: 119–124. <> in China. stream x�+T0�34R0 A#9�K?��P!�����@���L��X����B����D��\�(U!\!��(jf���32u ��zL�,!)��s�! Entomol. Huo, 1998. 82: 153–157. 101: 55–64. A piece of paper protects the parasitized eggs from direct sunlight. /Contents 36 0 R Results obtained in this study indicate that although O. furnacalis is a less preferred and less suitable host than many other hosts, such as Dendrolimus punctatus, Actias selene ningpoane, Philosamia cynthia, A. pernyi, C. cephalonica, within the host-species range of T. dendrolimi, the parasitoid has the potential to achieve 50–60% or even higher rates of parasitization of O. furnacalis eggs in corn fields under suitable conditions, and could be used in the biological control of the pest. Umarova and N.D. Voinovich, 1997. Pak, G.A., 1986. Environ. endobj x�+T0�34R0 A#9�K?��P!�����@���L��X����B����D��\�(U!\!��(jf���32u ��zL�,!��)��s�! Laboratory studies were made to determine the capacity of Trichogramma dendrolimi to parasitize eggs of Ostrinia furnacalis, as affected by the rearing host species, substrate of host eggs, host age, original locality of host populations, and cold storage of host eggs. Shi, Z.H., S.S. Liu and J.H. 75 0 R 67 0 R Wang, C.M. The number of O. furnacalis eggs parasitized per female T. dendrolimi increased with the number of host eggs available, and reached 22.9 in a 24 h period. Zhang, Z.L. BioControl Most parasitoids are wasps, but some flies and a small number of beetles, moths, lacewings, and even one caddisfly I: reproductive compatibility. volume 43, pages273–287(1998)Cite this article. Wan, C.L. /Contents 76 0 R Liu, S.S., Z.H. 53 0 obj <> Fu, 1991. Yang, F. Zhang and G.M. Control 3: 39–46. <> ��nendstream Chinese J. Biol. /Contents 28 0 R <> 4 0 obj Changchun (43.50° N, 125.20° E) and Hangzhou (30.18° N, 120.07° E), were similar. endobj and D.A. stream 67–123. endobj endobj In: P.L. Ruberson, J.R. and T.J. Kring, 1993. Wasps reared from eggs of Antheraea pernyi showed parasitic capacity on eggs of O. furnacalis on average twice as high as that of the wasps reared from eggs of Corcyra cephalonica. 8 0 obj <> van, F. Bigler, N.K. Wang, B. Cong and C.C. Wang, C.L., 1988. Li, 1995. Department of Plant Protection, Zhejiang Agricultural, University, Hangzhou, 310029, ??? Adkisson and S.J. These eggs are glued on small cards and then female parasitoid wasps will parasitize these eggs. They are stout-bodied, minute wasps, which can hardly be seen without a hand lens or microscope. Wu, Z.H. <>stream Eggs of Rice moth (Corcyra sp.) <> endobj /BleedBox [0 0.0199584961 594.96 842.019958] Cards can be temporary stored in refrigerators before taking them to the farms. /Metadata 82 0 R Control 6: 107–109 (In Chinese with English summary). Ma (eds), The Proceedings of the Chinese Academy of Sciences – United States National Academy of Sciences Joint Symposium on Biological Control of Insects, September 25–28, 1982, Science Press, Beijing, China. In: J. Voegele, J. Waage and J. van Lenteren (eds), Trichogramma and Other Egg Parasitoids, 2nd International Symposium), Colloques-de-l'INRA 43: 629–632. Umarova, 1990. endobj Entomol. 1994. /ArtBox [0 0.019989 594.96 842.02] stream Natural Enemies (parasitoids, predators and pathogens). Guo, 1991. >> Subscription will auto renew annually. Yes, there is actually a wasp out there that fully develops to adulthood inside a thrips egg. parasitizing the eggs of Asian corn borer Ostrinia furnacalis and its efficacy in Beijing suburbs. Corrigan, J.E. 44 0 obj >> 93 Levels of parasitism of O. furnacalis eggs from two widely separated localities, i.e. 7 0 obj /Contents 68 0 R endobj Selection of effective Trichogramma species for controlling Asian corn borer in a sweet corn field. Each parasitoid larva develops on a single individual and eventually kills that host. 6 0 R Andow, 1990. The influence of previous host age on current host acceptance in Trichogramma. They can be considered the Drosophila of the parasitoid world, as they have been used for inundative releases and much understanding today comes from experiments with these wasps. Chinese J. Biol. Cui, B.Y. East China 5: 45–50 (In Chinese with English summary)., DOI:, Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips, Not logged in 35 0 obj From these darkened eggs the adult wasps will eventually emerge. : a review of the literature on host-age selection. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Shi, J.H. /BleedBox [0 0.0199584961 594.96 842.019958] /Contents 7 0 R stream ޽kendstream Cards with parasitized eggs in a Trichogramma rearing facility. The name Trichogramma refers to a number of tiny wasps belonging to the family Trichogrammatidae. 51 0 R Exp. IV: host selection and host suitability. Host age and host selection by Trichogramma nubilale. Parasitism of developing eggs by Trichogramma pretiosum (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae): host age preference and suitability. Gui and H. Lu, 1984. pp. endobj Shanxi Science & Technology Press, Taiyuan. Cui, S.M. 28 0 obj Liu, Z.C., W.H. endobj ] /Count 9 <> Hirai, K., 1995. <> This is the net price. Shanxi Science & Technology Press, Taiyuan. Control 9: 60–62 (In Chinese with English summary). Shi, Z.H., S.S. Liu, L.X. endobj 77 0 obj endobj /BleedBox [0 0.0199584961 594.96 842.019958] Cold storage of O. furnacalis eggs at 4 °C for 5 days did not affect parasitization. Liu, S.S., 1998. Wang, C.C. stream Appl. A faunal study of Trichogramma (Hym. Behavioural responses of Trichogramma dendrolimi Matsumura to different plants. have been used for control of lepidopteran pests for many years. StatSoft. : Trichogrammatidae) species on Ostrinia furnacalis (Lep. Bao and D.X. In: J. Voegele, J. Waage and J. van Lenteren (eds), Trichogramma and Other Egg Parasitoids, 2nd International Symposium, Colloques-de-l'INRA 43: 609–611. Chinese J. Biol. /TrimBox [0 0.0199584961 594.96 842.019958] Chinese J. Biol. and T. Ya. endobj Pak, 1989. Chapter 1, Section 2, pp. /BleedBox [0 0.0199584961 594.96 842.019958] Reznik, S. Shen, X.C., K.Z. Hintz, J.L. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. <> 93 Parasitic natural enemies against forest pests. Wang, D.J. <> /TrimBox [0 0.0199584961 594.96 842.019958] An evaluation of the efficacy of releasing Trichogramma dendrolimi composed of mixed development stages for the control of the Asian corn corer. x��Ao�0��| /Contents 60 0 R >> Parasitoid, an insect whose larvae feed and develop within or on the bodies of other arthropods. x�+T0�34R0 A#9�K?��P!�����@���L��X����B����D��\�(U!\!��(jf���32u ��zL�,!��(��s�! A machine for obtaining clean infertile eggs of oak silkworm used in Trichogramma production. 3: 755–760. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. << /Type /Pages /Kids [ Li, 1993. /BleedBox [0 0.0199584961 594.96 842.019958] 93 and J.E. Shen, B.J, H.G. Gu (eds), Biological Control in China. Studies on the control of the Asian corn borer, Ostrinia furnacalis (Guenee), with Trichogramma ostriniae. /TrimBox [0 0.0199584961 594.96 842.019958] Control 9: 54–59 (In Chinese with English summary). Biol. >> /Contents 52 0 R Exp. /TrimBox [0 0.0199584961 594.96 842.019958] Host selection by insect parasitoids. >> endobj 37 0 obj Liang and J.C. Zeng, 1991. Effects of the rearing host species and the host species attacked on performance by Trichogramma minutum Riley (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae). Zhang, F., Y. H. Li, T. Sun, G.Z. Study, reproduction and utilization of Trichogramma. Control 6: 49–53 (In Chinese with English summary). 93 Xu and B.J. Ecology 53: 190–195. <> 165–200. 43 0 R Satu spesies Trichogramma dapat mcmarasit lcbih dari satu spesies inang dan satu spesies inang dapat diparasit olch lcbih dari satu spcsies Trichogramma. endobj Kaashoek and G.A. ީiendstream endobj The influence of host's age on the selectivity of parasitism and fecundity of Trichogramma. 59 0 R 92 Chinese J. Biol. stream In: J. Voegele, J. Waage and J. van Lenteren (eds), Trichogramma and Other Egg Parasitoids, 2nd International Symposium, Colloques-de-l'INRA 43: 575–580. (e-mail, Biological Control Institute, Jilin Agricultural University, Changchun, 130118, China, You can also search for this author in Egg parasitoid species of the genus Trichogramma have been studied and used in agriculture for a long time. : Trichogrammatidae) for controlling Asian corn borer in Liaoning. An evaluation of the efficacy of large scale release of Trichogramma dendrolimi against Asian corn borer in Yushu County.

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