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twice music show wins fancy

Won Song of the Year "Fancy" Nominated Best Dance Performance – Female Group Won Seoul Music Awards. It was described as a "dramatic and dynamic song that features group in a totally new light". What was your favorite song, what have you noticed about it? I'm not sure the whole pre-recorded process of music shows, but TWICE was only eligible to win for 5 of their performances, 3 of which they won. (sum of all FANCY TV Live performances incl. Hanteo updates theirs daily and is still a good track to use but is not as reliable for overall sales. So yeah that makes sense. It is also the first girl group song of 2019 to reach #1 on MelOn. TWICE has 11 of those 18 (again, not including Japanese releases). "Strawberry", the only song without a rap (ironically written by the main rapper), is one of the more vocally intricate songs they've done. They also have every spot in the top 15. It was the first song in a while that really grabbed me on first listen. "Hot", "Turn It Up", and "Girls Like Us" are all very fun tracks for different reasons. My feeling about all the records they're breaking is where else to go from here? It's possible they had much more pre-recorded and could see them win more, but they've stopped promotions for Fancy on music shows to prepare for their tour (KCON Japan is also next weekend). I know it isn't everything, but the songwriting is excellent for them as they evolve and I hope it only continues. I love all the b-sides too, especially Turn It Up. I would hate to see everyone fanning negative comments if their next album doesn't do as well. the crazy thing about Fancy You having their second best opening month ever is that it was actually only eight days of sales were counted, even though the sales data was released May 9 the sales are only counted through 4-30. I think it's my favorite release of theirs. In 2019 TWICE has done this easily. GAON tracks the amount of copies shipped to any and all locations outside of Korea, whereas Hanteo tracks sales made from specific locations. This makes it the 7th highest overall and 4th highest K-Pop (2nd highest by a girl group) viewed music video in 24 hours ever. "Stuck in My Head" has possibly became my favorite TWICE song ever. Bout Year Category Recipient Result Ref. Who's gonna meet them in Twicelights Tour? TWICE has won again for “Fancy”! Excited to meet them very soon! Siu dont act like you can read this many words in succession anyway . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 9th best selling girl group album from any GG that has debuted after 2009, They have the most songs with over one million monthly unique listeners, first girl group song of 2019 to reach #1 on MelOn. My favorite song is still the title track. Every member gets a chance to shine and has a memorable part. Before I make it to my last point, I would like to point out these two threads: One onehallyu both made by a person named Pepper. interviews: ~28 Mio.) Many K-Pop groups are "plagued" with the talk-singing style that is very popular, and this album took them a bit away from that. "What is Love?" Fancy has really grown on me! I don't understand Korean so don't know how it feels to someone who understands the lyrics, but I find the way the girls sing the song, and they way the words sounded, really matched perfectly with the music and rhythm. Okay, I wasn't sure. My favorite Twice b-side is still Sunset but Stuck In My Head, Hot, and Girls Like Us are easily in the top 10, and probably top 5. They are also doing p well considering they are competing with BTS and Blackpink so that just shows that Twice is here to stay. Jihyo's soft notes throughout the chorus while Nayeon's hits those sharp notes and the other members team together for the main part, it just sounds great mixed together. It's not about the album, but I'm just a little bit disappointed that we didn't get to see them perform more with live vocals during the promotion period. Well, there's always Boy Group records to break! Congratulation! Oricon is absolutely already counted in the Gaon sales. Jihyo, Jeongyeon, and Nayeon have exceptional vocal work throughout the song, and Dahyun even has a part at the end. It received over 1 million unique listeners on Genie, making it their 11th song to do so. I assumed it was because of the way the sales for Korean vs Japanese releases were tracked, but I read somewhere that GAON doesn't add sales that aren't from Korea.

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