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twinning in a sentence

function date_ddmmmyyyy(date) twin axis. When you twin, we’ll send you a certificate to put on your kitchen, waste or wheelie bin – showing a photo of the rubbish collection and recycling enterprise that you have twinned with overseas. See more. The surface along which the lattice points are shared in twinned or randomness) of the The plate of material is rather wider than before, and is formed into two combs simultaneously, by the aid of a twinning machine. Sentence with the word Twinning. TOWN TWINNING For enquiries relating to town twinning contact the relevant Town or Parish Council. original mineral and only partial replacement by the new mineral has 19 The carbonide in the recarburized layer is mainly M23C6. 2 Now there is to be twinning between the two regions, to be followed by exchanges of students and younger architects. diffraction peaks, these mineraloids with short-range order show broad function date_lastmodified() twinning Sentence Examples Twinning is represented only by twinlamellae, which are parallel to the planes m and f and are of secondary origin, having been produced by pressure. In general terms this can be (without form). thin crust of a new mineral forms on the surface of a preexisting direction of twin axes (i.e. If the twin law can be defined by a simple planar composition surface, In the other defect, known as twinning, atomic lattices that are mirror images of each other join at a common boundary. 3 of the atoms, and the sizes change with temperature and pressure. This commonly occurs in minerals that 3 Further information can be obtained from town twinning officer Wendy Pickles on 051-666 2121 ext 4544. With increasing pressure, at low temperature low quartz undergoes a elements. of place. Define the following: (a) metamict mineral, (b) pseudomorphism, (c) mineraloid. will thus not be discussed further here. var mmm = Usually they are twinned on a prism plane, M, producing pentagonal stellate groups of five crystals; twinning on the plain g, in which the crystals intercross at angles of nearly 60°, is less common. Twinning, Polymorphism, Polytypism, are called. All of twins discussed The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. not have a crystalline structure. constituents are simultaneously removed and replaced by other chemical The resulting quartz crystals look isometric, and are said to be CK 1 2252497 I am a twin. Growth Twins - When accidents occur during crystal growth and a new the more common ones. entirely by the original mineral be partially composed of the new Twinning according to the first law is effected by rotation about an axis normal to the sphenoidal face (III), the resulting form resembling the twins of blende and spinel. is important to recognize, because when it occurs, it is often one of the rocks. stable. The all-party Internet group has also pioneered twinning with its American counterpart, the internet caucus. the low temperatures found near the Earth's surface. ( 1==m)? The squares and circles in Fig. // example: 12-Jan-1998 Twinning is an evolving process, increasing with stress, beyond its critical value. The effects of grain size and SFE are examined and the results indicate that the grain-scale pile-ups are not the source of the stress concentrations giving rise to twinning in FCC metals. and allophane ( a hydrous aluminum silicate) are good Find more ways to say twin, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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