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That's why we not in the same bracket of tax My twin sisters both white as milk (Milk) Urban Islandz is a leader for dancehall and hip hop content. I'm the type to walk in your house and shit on your mattress Twenty-two, I might go fuck a MILF (MILF) All creations copyright of the creators. Bling, bling, bitch, I feel like Juvie Little ass bitch, nah, you ain't in my category|Material+Icons&display=swap,//,//,// A stick on me like it’s hockey Big Whack makin' niggas take herbal and naps I run it like laps, they runnin' in last But I don’t give a f**k, Iggy Azalea is now a single mom and she’s showing off her son Onyx for the first time. I can pop 4 xans, yeah, (Verse 2 – Lil Yachty) Got a public and a private account (Yes) They all from my path and part on my back I might overlap and won't double back 'cause my past is my past Join us! That's Igor, Igor, he a hot potato I'm in this bitch like ayy (Lil Boat) Niggas tryna fit in with their arms in the jacket (Ugh) The cops pulled me over, they don't know your mom in the back Life ain’t the same Iggy Azalea Shares New Photo Of Her Adorable Son Onyx Amid Playboi Carti Breakup, Nicki Minaj Wishes Drake A Happy Birthday A Sign They’ve Buried Their Beef, Reginae Carter & YFN Lucci Vacationed Together Amid NBA YoungBoy Beef, Heartbreaking, Beenie Man Rushed To Hospital After Fainting At Mother’s Graveside, Yaya Mayweather & Her Mom Checks Offset & Cardi B Over Birkin Bags, Offset Respond, Drake Gets Called Out For Unappetizing Menu At His 34th Birthday Party, Mike Tyson Made Boosie Badazz Apologize to Dwayne Wade Over Transgender Comments, Sasha Obama Lip-Syncing City Girls Raunchy Lyrics Goes Viral On. Had to pull myself together like it's all elastic Posted by Jay SHOW MORE SHOW LESS. black rose. Maybach, inside came soft as silk (Silk) Do you do requests? I’m on a honor roll, now, (Verse 1 – Famous Dex) Had to clean out my trunk to put your mom in the back Lil Yachty - NBAYOUNGBOAT (Lyrics / Lyric Video) ft. YoungBoy Never Broke Again with official audio. We ain't have no Turks and no Caicos (Nah) Dj Twin Feat. For my bank and not my Insta', bitch. I'm in his bitch like ayy, I'ma need me a minute before I walk in, ayy My teacher said Son, you ain’t gon be s**t refresh Roll Random Skin! Makin' rap friends more sketch than a white van I talk death, but I don't like guns Don't run with the ride-a-long, nigga I Tokyo Drift like the sample Lookin' so good, I might ride myself (Self) 25,572 views. Rappin' around town and I'm downtown Following multiple reports that Lil Yachty was recently arrested for speeding, he has addressed the incident. You got a stage, then it's one-point-one for one hour I know they wanna give us sloppy Putting bi**hes on the road I'm in this bitch like ayy Minecraft Skin. Niggas came second to me, they so sour Used to turn up my main music and they thought it was a game Me and Kingston in the Masi On your new picture, we archive (Ugh) Billionaire Boat, more freedom than a white man I would love one of my skins made by you. When it was just churches and candles I ain't fuckin' with you boys, need the cervical cap My bitch watch VH-1, first sixty days, RuPaul We learned how to pedal, no handles We want the same thing, let's not get offtrack (Yeah, uh, uh) Back when we traveled, we trapped and we peddled right front of the Santos (Uh) She wanted a bag, wanted some Raf Flacko freer than a Costco plate of them samples, nigga I'm in this bitch like ayy, damn Been counted out since I could count (Yes) Too the top of they lungs Oh I can’t feel my body Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. I got hoes from the A to notredame I be selling out the shows DJ Twin Featuring Lil Yachty, Famous Dex & Sean Kingston – Honor Roll Lyrics. I can’t slow down, no Never slow down, no I’m on the road, now I’m on a honor roll, now. Fuckin' bad bitches, I'll blow a bitch back now (Fuck), Woah My twin sisters both white as milk (Milk) Maybach, inside came soft as silk (Silk) Put a bitch on the molly, now she tilt This bitch been killed, built like a crushed can Makin' rap friends more sketch than a white van Billionaire Boat, more freedom than a white man Fuckin' on a bitch and she sound like a hype man It's young T and he be that boy Mines came with a name, hers came with some change I took off to Japan N. Jemieson Author (Intro – Lil Yacthy) Whoaaa Oh yeahhh Lil boat, Sean Kingston, Famous Dex (Pre Chorus – Sean Kingston) My teacher said Son, you ain’t gon be s**t Super Saiyan blonde, her lacefront on (Uh) Time Is Money Entertainment. Is funny, now I’m laughing, life is a bi**h Had to slap a bitch, chose the wrong side (Ooh) Heard the bitch was talkin' shit, so I caught him in traffic Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Woah Put a bitch on the molly, now she tilt More Skins by watercolors. Raw as fuck, bitch, I feel like sushi Yachty here and him from Decatur Oh yeahhh Two bi**hes in the lobby All rights reserved. DJ Twin Featuring Lil Yachty, Famous Dex & Sean Kingston – Honor Roll Lyrics. Unicorn rare, better put a saddle on, nigga No fresh pedicure for the sandals (Nah) Lil boat, Sean Kingston, Famous Dex, (Pre Chorus – Sean Kingston) Neck lookin' like a thot in labor Wow, damn I really ran down my funds I can’t slow down, no Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. Never slow down, no But I’m counting up my bands I'm in this bitch like ayy I'm in his bitch like ayy (Uh, I'm in his bitch), Back to the bando Music | Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. / All rights reserved. © 2010 - 2020 Realize I gotta hide the wealth (Wealth) Join us! I'm that nigga, bitch, I did it all with the passion, I'm a god in this fashion share. I'm in Philly and we all fly (Huh) lil-yachty-twin. But it's goin' up like it's an escalator Like who wanna match? Okay, I'm bored Watch Blank Face and feel like Groovy When that suit come on, I throw a tantrum (Hoo) I'm a catalog, I'm a human Adderall Lookin' for a fly nigga, I'm what you type in (Go) Fuckin' on a bitch and she sound like a hype man Y'all small fries for example, nigga, um I play you food for all When shit wasn't sweet and so simple If we don't got the whip, we do the walk-by (Yee) Lil Yachty, Famous Dex & Sean Kingston - Honor Roll (Audio) BROKEN? Sleepy, huh, Yeah, I don't wanna be like nobody else (Else) Now all my s**t come on air, I sing Yeah (Slow down, you're spitting everywhere), ugh I talk love, but I don't got none I'm up in that bitch skatin' (Skatin') Had a slow climb, that's why they all doubt 'em Big boy gat, I don't back down But now I got 40 thousand on my wrist All these bi**hes tryna f**k me for the fame The Australian[Read More…]. VIEW. Listen track below. DJ Twinz called Songs That Will Make You Cry Uncontrollably, HOT SONG: 21 Savage x Metro Boomin - "My Dawg​" - LYRICS, NEW SONG: Rod Wave - POP SMOKE - "MOOD SWINGS" ft. Lil Tjay - LYRICS. I'm runnin' the maps I'm in this bitch like ayy I'm in this bitch like ayy (Lil Boat) My 30 on me never fold playlist_add. Now a ni**a up, they say I’m stuck up

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