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what county is macon ga in

What county is Cranberry Township PA in, Where is Tredyffrin Pennsylvania? For every 100 females, there were 85.20 males. What county is Ross Township PA in, Where is Lower Macungie Township Pennsylvania? The following charts display, first, the property values in Macon County, GA compared to it's parent and neighbor geographies and, second, owner-occupied housing units distributed between a series of property value buckets compared to the national averages for each bucket. Males had a median income of $34,263 versus $25,540 for females. The following chart shows how the median household income in Macon County, GA compares to that of its neighboring and parent geographies. This represents a 1.16% decrease from the previous year (13,792 patients). This chart shows the share breakdown of the primary industries for residents of Macon County, GA, though some of these residents may live in Macon County, GA and work somewhere else. In N/A, the most common method of travel for workers in Macon County, GA was N/A (N/A%), followed by those who N/A (N/A%) and those who N/A (N/A%). In 2017, the income inequality in Georgia was 0.478 according to the GINI calculation of the wage distribution. The second highest is Arkansas (8.13%), followed by New Hampshire (7.98%). Quitman County has the highest prevalence of diabetes in Georgia, at 18.2%. since many died during the march west. What county is Lincoln RI in, Where is Smithfield Rhode Island? One of my favorite things about our trip to Macon was staying at the 1842 Inn. Living in Macon is a great option for those looking for a larger city south of Atlanta that still retains a small-town feel. The following chart shows the number of households using each mode of transportation over time, using a logarithmic scale on the y-axis to help better show variations in the smaller means of commuting. Showing data for Georgia. What county is Tredyffrin PA in, Where is North Huntingdon Pennsylvania? Your email address will not be published. [11], In 2013, the consolidated city-county held its first elections. Please note that the buckets used in this visualization were not evenly distributed by ACS when publishing the data. Comparing across all counties in the state, Quitman County has the highest prevalence of diabetes (18.2%). What county is Bensalem PA in, Where is Upper Darby Pennsylvania? The following map shows the percent of individuals with major depressive episode by state over multiple years. Emery Highway, Macon, GA 31217, Phone: 478-742-3003. As of the census[25] of 2000, there were 153,887 people, 59,667 households, and 39,797 families residing in the county. Patient to Primary Care Physician Ratio in Macon County, GA, Total Per Capita Spending on Personal Health Care in Georgia, Per Enrollee Private Health Insurance Spending on Personal Health Care, Per Enrollee Medicaid Spending on Personal Health Care, Per Enrollee Medicare Spending on Personal Health Care. What County is Macon? festivals, arts and crafts shows, parades, street markets, picnics, dances, and exhibitions of artists from around the world. This chart shows the ownership percentage in Macon County, GA compared it's parent and neighboring geographies.

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