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Amy Coney Barrett was just nominated by President Trump to serve on the Supreme Court, and there's already a debate about how long new Supreme Court justices should be allowed to serve. Many SLCPD officers have caught the coronavirus... some are hospitalized and a handful are even in the ICU. posts. so for everything besides guns the classifieds are still good, but now theres and getting way more traffic. We're live from the University of Utah ahead of tonight's VP Debate--which could be the most anticipated VP Debate in history. Robert Gehrke: You think you’re tired of the coronavirus? CD4 incumbent Ben McAdams with a debate post-mortem   (09:14). She also continues to complain about "fake" apologies. This morning the Senate Judiciary Committee is questioning Judge Amy Coney Barrett, the nominee to fill the seat on the U.S.Supreme Court vacated upon the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. See for privacy information. Tonight is the first Presidential Debate and we can't wait to watch it. 3. Who has the best snack stand? From hotel management, golf & spa, and retail services, the proficiencies of the KSL Resorts team are both broad & deep. President Trump says he's not going to attend a virtual debate. Poll: Only half of Utahns comfortable with COVID-19 vaccine   (09:45). See for privacy information. Recovered COVID patients can earn double if they donate plasma, we've learned. A big-time gamer, Justice Byard, joins us to tell us more about it. See for pri... Hopes for smooth voting in Utah County   (08:09). We'll hear a report from Kelli Pierce, t... Dr. Stenehjem update + UVU COVID-19 #s down   (09:47). Diving into the power that homeowners associations have over homeowners. Will he? Then, we discuss the raised stakes of Wednesday's Vice-Presiden... President Trump remains hospitalized with COVID-19, but his doctors and staff hint he can be discharged as soon as this afternoon. Welcome to Election Season: A staggering number of Americans --10.6 million people-- have already voted. And Washington is already knee-deep in debate over whether or not to wait to fill her seat until after the election. If you don't like the way an establishment presents itself maybe don't frequent that establishment? Utah County Mask Mandate + Provo and Orem go Orange   (18:26). Extreme DUIs and repeat DUI offenders   (15:35). Time to vote: 1. Who has the nicest field? She wasn't arrested for wearing a mask, though, police say. He's a convert to the Democratic party and he's running for Congress in the 3rd District. Our question for listeners -- you know the mudslinging is coming. Sgt. The alternative presidential candidate: Jo Jorgensen runs for the Libertarian Party | KSLNewsRadio. Intermountain Healthcare infectious disease specialist Dr. Todd Vento joins us to discuss what the president's recovery could look like. We'll share a telephone conversat... Coronavirus & Classrooms: What does a spike in cases mean for schools? Why did she leave behind her cell phone? �... Are you apathetic or intrigued by the debate? See for privacy information. He distinguishes between them. Your kids are almost certainly playing it. And now BYU-Idaho says it is investigating reports that students are catching the virus on purpose to boost the value of their plasma. The TV and radio stations are owned and operated by Bonneville Broadcasting. It was 5 months ago that two teen girls floating on Utah Lake drowned after getting caught in a surprise storm. Deseret Digital Media pushed back hard against Lee’s criticism. The possible consequence: there's no surveillance video of a killer. See for privac... President Trump's health; then, a Utah woman who was on a similar treatment plan   (16:58).

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