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In all sports there are hundreds of classic, well designed logos which the entire organization can take great pride in. There is then something that is supposed to be the shape of a marlin leaping over the M in a blue, white and orange color scheme. Here are the 15 worst current logos in pro sports. For every Cowboys star, there’s a Browns whatever-that-is. This was taken from their previous logo which had this image along with the rest of the team name. It is the foundation and personality of the entire organisation, and this includes the management, coaches, trainers, back room staff, players and of course the Brand includes colors, logo, and uniforms as a single entity in this case. Whilst the Capitals have a strong, patriotic color scheme and good team name, the logo is a little underwhelming. The logo features a large, block letter M that features a poor color scheme of orange, black, blue and yellow, making it quite an eyesore. Their former logo was more fitting and interesting, featuring a flaming horse head, complete with two flaming exhausts at the bottom of the S’s in the word Pistons. It features Washington in small red text with 3 red stars above it, and then Capitals in large blue text with the T taking the shape of a hockey stick (with a red puck next to it). The brown facemask is supposed to represent the “strength and toughness of Cleveland”, but how this can be achieved through the image of a helmet is beyond me. He is also a keen writer; this is from his time at the University of Sussex, where he studied Media Practice and Theory and graduated with a 2:1. In fact, some of them look even worse now than they did back then. by Joshua Khan. The New York Yankees are on of these teams of course, as their iconic logo is simple, stylish and incredibly effective. The ugly business with former owner Donald Sterling also means that now is the perfect time for a fresh new image to go along with their new, entertaining owner Steve Balmer. Another common entry on here are cartoony logos from the ’60s. Jonny is a UK based writer with a passion for basketball and football which he has had from a young age, where he played and followed both sports. He is a lifelong Houston Rockets and Tottenham Hotspur fan. The current logo looks like it was designed in five minutes, and is little more than a basketball with red lines and the text Los Angeles Clippers in blue. 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When you think “iconic NFL logos,” there are a few that pop into just about everyone’s mind: the Cowboys, the Steelers, the 49ers, the Raiders, just to name a few. It was, in fact, an invention of his creator who began to attack Italian cities with stickers on a yellow background with A-Style logo (an example of guerilla marketing), followed by other cities including Miami, Moscow, and London. It features Thunder in large blue text at the top, there is then a shield in the middle which features a basketball with white OKC text on it. Whilst not a terrible logo, it is a little dull and does not have much personality. Sports ; Top 10: Worst Sports Logos; Top 10: Worst Sports Logos. The gold D is all there is, with white, black and orange accents. Some logos are just, to put it kindly, not iconic. In other words, pretty much any team that was good back in the day. Top 15 Worst Logos in Sports. The Thunder are a relatively new team after moving from Seattle, but already their logo needs to be updated. 30 Worst sports Logos ranked in order of popularity and relevancy. For every Raiders face, there’s the L.A. Chargers trying to rip off the Dodgers. They represent the players, the fans and identify the future goals the team has. The logo is little more than a red basketball, with the text Detroit Pistons in white with a blue outline on top of the ball. A lot of the logos on this list aren’t the team’s formal primary look, but rather an alternate logo. It’s Portland. Inspiration must have been running pretty low when they came up with the Cleveland Browns logo. Tell me a worse one. There was some excitement in 2015 as the Browns stated they were about to unveil a new logo, and they then unveiled the exact same logo with a different shade of orange and a brown facemask instead of a grey one. This is particularly true when it is the Ducks, as this has incredible potential to be a logo that the fans could really get behind (much like the Bulls and Hornets). Their alternative logo is a bear’s face which is a much better logo and one that should be featured more prominently on their uniforms. With a team name like Thunder, there are all kinds of ways you can depict this and create a classic, intimidating logo. His interest in writing has been furthered more recently in his role as a freelance writer for numerous internet marketing companies. The team name of Nets makes it challenging to come up with an effective logo, and it appears they didn’t give it too much thought when they came up with this design. These logos aren’t iconic just because they look “cool,” but because they have a history attached to them: Legends wore them, Super Bowls were won in them, and they have withstood the test of time. The Arizona Diamondback color scheme of red, black and sand is a strong look and fits with the team name, but this is still a very dull logo as it is nothing more than an A. There are blue and orange streaks going through the shield. A team logo is much more than an image. Although it is wise that they changed their logo, it is hard for anyone involved in the organization to get particularly excited or motivated each time they see this uninspired design.

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