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The Best-Looking Battle Pets in WoW by Type Since you'll need a variety of pet types for a successful battle pet team, for the purpose of organization, this article will examine the "coolest looking" pets broken down by pet type: When I was fighting Taran Zhu, Plushie took most of the hits, while Zhu's team was decimated by DoTs from valkyr and crawling claw. When you get the Anubisath Idol, it helps a lot with the tanky options for your squad. For your choice  Best Combo: Pandaren Water Spirit + Chrominius  I would respectfully suggest to use Stitched Pup instead of Chrominius because he is undead and gets that extra attack. Finally, we're checking out the Warrior class changes! Selling pets is a bit of Fool’s Gold now. :p, Plushie can be surprisingly useful. Darkmoon Tonk is a pet for players that find themselves queuing for PvP often. The Iron Starlette is even better when paired with the Unborn Val’kyr for even more damage. The pet can sustain itself if needed with the Siphon Life or can become an enabler for the other pets on the team. The purpose of this list was to find pets that would be useful to new players interested in pet battles and also create a list of pets that would be competitive for most players regardless of skill level. World of Warcraft - Battle Pets A site dedicated to auction house prices, pet collections, battling, and achievements. Yellow Moth: Moths have the same moveset but the Yellow Moth is the only one that can be gotten in the desirable P/P flavor. The Wicked Soul does nothing to the Hermit Crab, and the Gleamhoof Fawn takes strong damage from the Hermit Crab if it uses its Nature's Ward. The little dinosaur is an extremely powerful critter because of the Hunting Party and Black Claw combination. You've added Snobold Runt with abilities 2/1/2, which is Punch, Ice Spike, Weakened Blow. I've recently been running a team comprised of Qiraji Guardling (1/2/2), Wicked Soul (1/2/2), and Gleamhoof Fawn (1/2/1). If a section was added for best looking pet - he would win! » World of Warcraft ... Join Date Apr 2009 Location Baton Rouge, LA Posts 170. It has a higher speed than most other pets, as long as it remains above 50% HP. If I am. In World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth there are nearly 1100 battle pets to choose from. This undead pet that is one of the best battle pets in the game. I will have to get on that! If that's important to you, you should boldly seek the power of a credit card and go get him. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Any serious pet collector will need to either keep planting Turnips out at Halfhill Farm for themselves, or keep a watchful eye on the Auction House for this guy. A team I run into a lot and have been having trouble countering is 2x Anomalus and a Hermit Crab. :). :D. A tier list doesn't translate into teams as easily I'm afraid. Sandstorm helps to mitigate the damage of Poison Protocol, but then he changes the weather to Toxic Fumes and unleashes a stronger second Poison Protocol. Reply With Quote. Without further ado - and in no particular order - here are the critters you want in your stable, and why: Fastest Pet: Cheetah Cub - This guy is one of three pets tied for the fastest currently in the game, with a speed rating of 390. It is by far the most efficient way to level any other pets … A couple pets that should absolutely be on a top 10 list: Emerald Proto-Whelp (P/P): No pet battler should be without this pet. It is worth noting that getting any of the Zandalari battle pets from the Isle of Giants is pretty much the same battle pet; they just have different names. Was just all a big misunderstanding from my side :P, I would just like to say thank you for setting up this tier list. Battle Pets has been around since WoW: Cataclysm and has only grown with every expansion launch. But it still says 2/1/2 next to Snobold Runt in tier 3. There was an error fetching comments, please reload the page. thundering serpent, wild golden and wild jade hatchling. What's the reason you use "low" tier pets for these despite your pvp tier list listing several higher tier pets for the same role? One more special honorable mention is  Mr. Bigglesworth  who can actually solo Yu'la in the Celestial Tournament! Most Health: Pebble - Befitting of such a mountainous undertaking, you can return to the Stone Age of having to repetitiously complete daily quests for Pebble. Ah yes, damn. Dragonling is a bit special case, but they can be a real nightmare in PvP battles (and even more so if you have 3 of them in team). You can fill the roster with any other pet you want, as long as it has abilities that benefit from Darkness. I always start with Fiendish Imp and cast Nether Gate even if it's against a mechanical and it throws off the other player for the rest of the fight. You can post now and register later. Just noticed a possible mistake in the list. H/H Shimmershell Snail and Scooter the Snail have just as much. I think it is at least a Tier 3 pet - and he is cute :). With those 10 pets on your team, you can build sets of three to handle pretty much every piece of pet battle content in the game today! The Pup lacks Surge of Power which is integral to the Howl Bomb strat. It gives you an idea of which pets to obtain and level up so you can be competitive in the PvP queue. Out of the three, which include the Sapphire Cub and the Zergling, the Cheetah Cub is the easiest/most realistic for you to go acquire if you don't already have one. nono, I know that of course, I was just confused because I didn't see there are multiple versions for each archetype, so I just assumed that the "one" sample team they show would include a top tier version to kind of give people a "goal" to work towards. On regular days with the safari hat and pet treat buffs it takes about 4 wins against Squirt to level a pet from 1 to 25, when Squirt lines up with the the pet battle weekly event (Super Squirt), it only takes 2 battles. hey guys, quick question about your sample teams. I put together three PvP teams using a combination of tier 1 pets and they are unstoppable. The Gilnean Raven has both the Call Darkness and Nocturnal Strike abilities. It primarily owns flying but i have seen it take out any number of pets. All of these are reasonably easy to obtain and nicely fullfil mechanical pet's duties. PvP Nominee: Fiendish Imp - One of the few pets with a forced opponent swap spell, which is ruinously good in PvP battles. One Anomalus uses Toxic Fumes and the other uses Void Nova. Humanoid Type: Anubisath Idol - This popular old school raid drop has the hugely desirable Deflection spell, and the best list of additional abilities possible alongside it - plus, the perk of being a Humanoid (the alternative, the Flayer Youngling, just has a handful of mediocre damage spells). If the opponent does not have a counter for beasts or a Mortal Wounds ability, then they will struggle to deal with the burst damage and heal combo. (for example your clonedance team has blighthawk, the lowest cloner on your list, instead of for example shore butterfly, the highest. My backline pets take too much damage for the usual strategy of swapping and using group heals to be a net positive health gain. Generally you don't need a team of the highest tier pets to do well either. The Unborn Val’kyr’s mission is to use Shadow Shock until the player gets the read their Val’kyr is about to faint. Here's a list of 10 pets to maximize your pet battling experience! Global leaderboard. Not to mention the cuteness. [b]bold[/b] - [i]italic[/i] - [u]underline[/u]. Darkmoon Zeppelin: Decoy and Explode. There are several teams shown for each type. The Iron Starlette is a perfect pet for setting up a huge burst against some of the tankiest pets in the game. Kovok is not listed. Lately I have a lot fun with S/S Baby Zandalari Raptor (2/1/2). Alternatively, the player can spend an extra turn by using Supercharge, which increases the damage of your attack in the following round by 125%. Strongest Pet: Lil' Ragnaros - Nothing tastes quite like the miniature Flames of Sulfuron, which is probably why this Store pet has the singular highest power rating (374) in the game. The best Flying pet in the game. The only downside is the Anubisath is a little too easy and boring. A list of the current best PvP Battle Pets. The second pet to mention is the flying pet Ikky.   You cannot paste images directly. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Upload or insert images from URL. Best battle pet to capture others with? Ah OK thanks for explaining Shenk. The Emerald Proto-Whelp is one of the tankiest battle pets available and is useful for battle pet trainers, battle pet dungeons, and taking on Battle Pet World Quests. If I save Sandstorm until after Poison Fumes is out then it's too late. Running AQ40 a few times for this guy is worth it. It is the strongest mechanical pet i my opinion and has the health to take a beating and dish out incredible amounts of damage. I always recommend new players to bring Turnip (for capping), 1 mechanical (vs.beasts) and 1 beast (vs. plentiful critters: usually a bear, cat or zandalari reptile) into their first leveling team. We're back with another one of Blizzard's perhaps more aggressive suspensions than even they themselves expected. Enter the Turnip, who will guarantee that you never actually kill his target using Weakening Blow. Pet Battles were introduced in Mists of Pandaria, and have been widely recognized as an enjoyable addition to World of Warcraft. Did you mean 1/2/1, which is Snowball, Kick, Call of Winter? If you want a more fun and engaging tank pet, then check out the Emerald Proto-Drake below. Undead Type: Unborn Val'kyr - Among the rarest pets on this list, the Unborn Val'kyr is a staple in a ton of pet battle guides due to its incredible list of abilities. When you go out into the open world looking to farm for some rare breed battle pets, Xu-Fu is the right choice.

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