Announcement: Bentley/Stellar Generation 2 (G2)

PDG is pleased to announce improvements to its Stellar, Bentley, and Stellar GL tilt-in-space wheelchairs.

These improvements represent incremental, but important, changes to all three designs. In addition, they demonstrate PDG’s ongoing commitment to updating and enhancing the performance of its well-known and respected products.

G2 brings the following improvements to the design and manufacture of the Bentley, Stellar, and Stellar GL models:

  1. The elimination of any welding in the upper frame for all three chairs.
    The new common upper frame for all three systems will be manufactured using thermoset epoxy bonding processes and rivets—eliminating the “weak spots” that are inherent to the welding process, while reducing weight in the upper frame, and dramatically enhancing durability.  In the near future, the lower frame will also be upgraded to leverage the advantages of bonded joints where appropriate.  The new generation of bonding processes surpasses mechanical fixation and is rapidly expanding in many industries as alternative approaches to welding and other processes.  For example, the airline industry is leading in the use of bonding technologies in their new generations of planes—and what could be more critical than structural integrity of a plane?
  2. Replacing the three different gas shock / spring uplift assemblies with one common approach, which has the following prime benefits:
    • Improves strut uplift adjustability on the Stellar and Bentley, and improves heel clearance on the Stellar and Stellar GL.
    • Eliminates the need to adjust the strut as the seat height is raised or lowered. You will never need to raise or lower the struts to accommodate a seat to floor height change.  They are now “self-adjusting”.
    • Makes the adjustment of the struts/springs to increase or decrease “uplift thrust” easier. One bolt, multiple positions, all three designs.
    • Sets of variously shaped “mounting plates” allow common components to use to connect “mid-frame” to upper and lower frames to provide different function.
  3. Simplifying the system for adjusting seat to floor heights on all models, following the proven Stellar GL approach:  requires simply shifting four bolts (two per side) – all mounted on the lower frame assembly. 
  4. Allows for simple post-delivery conversion of the Bentley to add tilt range and function.
    • Bentley can be converted to Stellar or Stellar GL with 45 degrees of tilt by using their mid-frames.
    • New mid-frame components and matching gas spring assembly can be added as patient’s needs change.
  5. Improves mounting for dual post adjustable depth armrests, and also allows the addition of T-Style armrests for all chair models – applying the GL approach to both the Bentley and the Stellar – through bolted-on armrest mounting bracket.
  6. Repositions the tie-down brackets on all frames for improved accessibility to rear tie-down.
  7. Replacing the steel back post positioner insert tube with a solid milled aluminum one – improved adjustability and part strength/durability. 
  8. Improving the design of both the front rigging and backrest attachment systems on all frames to increase strength, adjustability and corrosion resistance. 
  9. Reducing weight on the Stellar GL by approximately 5 pounds.


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