Explained: Stellar vs. Stellar HD

The main differences between the HD and the standard Stellar frame are the weight capacity and the available seat widths. The HD’s weight capacity is up to 600 lbs, and seat widths are available up to 32″. The HD upper frame, lower frame and axle plates are all reinforced for increased strength.  Assembled with 5” heavy duty casters and 24” HD spoke wheels it is able to achieve reliable and improved performance for bariatric applications. 

The HD has adjustability constraints when compared to the standard Stellar.  Being a welded frame, the armrest receivers on the HD are welded in place.  Thus, they are not adjustable and are limited to the dual-post armrest option.  Another limitation on the HD is that to change strut uplift, you have to physically swap the gas struts instead of repositioning the strut as on a Stellar.

The HD lower frame is longer than the Stellar.  Further, the casters have been moved forward by about 4”. This reduces the amount of weight on the front casters, improving maneuverability without reducing stability.  Think of a shopping cart at the groceries, if you put all the weight in the front of the cart it becomes quite difficult to maneuver the cart around.

The HD is NOT transit tie down compatible and has NOT been WC19 crash tested. 


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