Updated Power Tilt on the Fuze T50

The Fuze T50 power tilt has been updated with a series of improvements.  The power tilt option is now offered with 2 battery modules providing a modular swappable battery system.  Chair adjustability and accessibility have been improved by the controller being mounted on the upper frame crossbars and the battery mounted on the lower frame.  This new setup allows for a discharged battery to be easily removed and swapped with a fully charged unit.

The new controller includes an auto-reversing feature where the direction of tilt changes with repeated presses on a single button.  Single egg switch operation is now possible!

The new battery housing is made from a flame retardant ABS enclosure that is water and dust resistant.


The tilt limit switch can be easily adjusted by turning a knob on the controller to the desired setting.  In addition deactivating the tilt limit switch has been simplified; a tilt limit jumper is no longer required!  Furthermore, the switch cable jacks are better protected and more securely connected, thereby reducing system glitches.

In summary, the new power tilt system offers the following improvements for chair occupants and attendants:

  • No more chairs getting stuck in tilt
  • No more custom controller for auto-reversing functionality
  • No more having to order tilt limit jumpers
  • No more inadvertent tilting due to connector glitches
  • No more seat pan modifications for power tilt
  • No more down time for charging


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