New Wheel-Locks

PDG is pleased to announce the release of a new generation of wheel-locks for our wheelchairs. Typically wheel-lock fasteners and mounting clamps have the tendency to work themselves loose over time, requiring regular maintenance.  PDG’s new wheel-locks improve durability with the mount now threaded and able to act as a jam nut for the pivot fasteners.  Additionally, the wheel-lock clamp has also been redesigned for improved overall strength, clamping, and grip performance.  These new wheel-lock assemblies will be fitted to the Fuze, Bentley, Stellar, and Eclipse product series in the new black finish.


  • Available on the Fuze T20, T50, and JR, the Bentley, the Stellar series including the GL, LEAP, HD, and Impact, and on the Eclipse.
  • Withstands hardware loosening over time.
  • Available in Push to Lock & Pull to Lock configurations.
  • New black aesthetics.
  • Available with 6” extension handle.
  • Replaces the old-style wheel-locks on all new orders, no customer action required.
  • Push to Lock roll-out starts May 16.
  • Pull to Lock roll-out starts end of May.


Learn more about PDG Mobility and our Wheelchairs:

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