The Stellar Impact is one tough wheelchair – And we have the numbers to prove it.

According to ISO 7176-8 requirements and test methods for static, impact, and fatigue strength, wheelchair fatigue testing is composed of two cyclic loading tests:

i) the multi-drum test (section 10.3), which simulates the wheelchair rolling over small obstructions, and ii) the drop test (section 10.4) exposing the wheelchair to a sequence of falls, simulating passing over curbs and small steps. To fulfill the minimum requirements of ISO 7176-8, the wheelchair must endure 200,000 cycles of the multi-drum test followed by 6,666 cycles of the drop test using a test load at the maximum occupant weight capacity.

The Stellar Impact, like all other PDG chairs, had to be set up and tested in accordance with these ISO 7176-8 requirements.

A test chair was positioned on the axles of the two rotating drums on the test rig at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and the test dummy was placed on the chair with a 3” cushion (minimum cushion thickness supplied with the wheelchair) and held in position. Our goal was to run the test for at least 400,000 cycles. A few weeks later, we had to stop at 746,000 completed cycles because the lab needed the rig for another test…

Once multi-drum test was completed, the same Stellar Impact was set up on the drop test rig where it was lifted and dropped from 50mm 13,332 times, which is twice the minimum requirement.

These fatigue test results show that the Stellar Impact not only fulfills but surpasses the minimum requirements. The wheelchair chassis was in good condition, showing no signs of damage, cracks, or deformation, supporting our claim that the durability and strength of the Stellar Impact 45° Tilt Wheelchair are unmatched.


Minimum requirement according to ISO 7176-8 for pass

Stellar Impact test performance with 286 lbs test load.

Section 10.3 – Multi-Drum Test

200,000 cycles

746,000 cycles

Section 10.4 – Drop Test

6,666 cycles

13,332 cycles



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