The New Lightweight Bentley LT

The lightweight Bentley LT offers up to 20° of tilt.

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Q: How did the Bentley shed 20 lbs?

A: Design optimization and extensive use of new aluminum parts

Q: What is the weight of the new Bentley LT?

A: The transport weight is 33 lbs. The chair’s total weight depends on the exact specs and accessories.

Transport weight is defined as 16″ x 16″ chair with armrest, footrest, and rear wheels removed.


Q: Is the Bentley LT as strong as the steel Bentley?

A: Aluminum offers remarkable tensile strength and a strength to weight ratio much higher than steel. This allows us to make a lightweight and durable chair. One of aluminum’s characteristics is more flex (or less stiffness) than steel. All aluminum products experience this. No worries, the chair will not break, but it may not feel as “stiff” as a steel chair.


Q: What makes the Bentley LT better than other lightweight 20˚ tilt chairs?

A: The Bentley’s rigid frame offers superior stability and rolling performance. Its short wheelbase enhances maneuverability for the user who self-propels or the attendant. Foot propellers will benefit from the optional Easy-Out front rigging. When removed, they leave no brackets or other hardware on the frame which could interfere and injure the user’s legs.


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