New Rear Floor Jack for Bentley/Stellar

The floor jack option, which lifts the Rear Wheels off the ground for increased stability, has been available on our Bentley and Stellar chairs for many years. Now, PDG Mobility is releasing an improved version of the floor jack.

The old system used a sliding clamp design which had functional issues in addition to frequent quality-related problems. The new solution uses a 4-bar linkage to avoid sliding joints. It is foot-operated, requires less than 60 lbs force to apply both jacks when lifting an occupant weighing 215 lbs, and is designed to withstand loads subjected by a 250 lbs agitated occupant.

The floor jack option is available on the Bentley, Stellar, Stellar GL, and Stellar Impact.  The new design will replace the old design effective immediately.


Learn more about PDG Mobility and our Wheelchairs:

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