PDG launches Drum Brakes for the Fuze, Bentley, and Stellar lines

PDG Mobility is pleased to announce the launch of its new Drum Brakes option.

Drum brakes allow the Attendant to control the speed of the wheelchair on slopes or when going around corners.

Drum Brake assembly shown on a Fuze T50


Drum Brake assembly shown on a Stellar GLT

The brakes are activated by the Attendant with two triggers mounted on the handle. Each side can be activated independently by squeezing the corresponding trigger. The brakes can also be locked in place with the triggers.


Drum Brakes will initially be available with 20″ Spoke Wheels only. Additional wheel types and sizes will be added in the future.

The Drum Brakes are compatible with the Bentley, Bentley LT, Stellar, Stellar GL, Stellar GLT, Stellar Impact, and the Fuze T50.

Updated order forms have been posted on PDG’s website (USA | Canada | International).


Learn more about PDG Mobility and our Wheelchairs: pdgmobility.com

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