New Seat Width and Weight Capacity Options for the Stellar GL

The Stellar GL is growing… PDG is pleased to announce the completion of the final phase of the Bentley/Stellar Generation 2 (G2) project. This phase included transitioning the 450 lbs weight capacity frames from welding to epoxy-bonding (the 250 lbs frames completed this transition in 2016/17). While the welded G1 version of the Bentley (20˚ tilt) has long been offered with the weight capacity upgrade and seat widths of up to 32″, the Stellar GL (45˚ tilt) was until now limited to 22″ seat width and 250 lbs capacity.

Going forward, both chairs will be available with seat widths of 14″ to 32″ and with weight capacities of 250 lbs (standard, single strut), 300 lbs (includes a secondary strut) and 450 lbs (dual strut).

The “big” chairs are now also compatible with PDG’s new Single Post (T-style) Armrests and with Composite Wheels. Dual Post Armrests and HD Spoke Wheels are still available but no longer mandatory for the upgraded frames. We strive to offer Transit Tie Downs in the near future, but at this time, they are only available for chairs up to 300 lbs capacity.


What about the standard/traditional/plain/regular/vanilla Stellar?

Over the years, the Stellar GL has replaced the Stellar as the 45˚ tilt chair of choice for many of our customers. The GL (rumored to be short for Good Looking) offers everything the Stellar does, PLUS popular features such as Power Tilt, a Lightweight Aluminum Frame version (Stellar GLT), lower min. STF Height, and now Seat Widths of up to 32″. With this in mind, PDG has decided to retire the Stellar at the end of 2021. We will continue to fully support all chairs in the field, but starting 2022, the Stellar GL will become PDG’s go-to 45˚ tilt chair. Other Stellar variants (Impact, LEAP, HD) will not be affected by this realignment.

Is the Stellar HD still relevant now that the GL goes to 32″/450 lbs?

Absolutely. The Stellar HD remains the gold standard for bariatric tilt chairs. With key differential features such as the Forward Wheelbase, HD Wheels and Casters, HD Axle Plates, HD Upper and Lower Frames, and up to 600 lbs Weight Capacity, the Stellar HD offers unmatched strength, stiffness, stability, and maneuverability. PDG recommends the Stellar HD for users over 350-400 lbs and where funding is available to cover the incremental cost of the aforementioned HD upgrades.


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