A New Generation of Lightweight Tilt Chairs

PDG Mobility is proud to introduce its new lightweight Bentley LT and Stellar GLT. The new tilt chairs are built on the iconic and tried-and-tested Bentley (20˚ tilt) and Stellar (45˚ tilt) steel frame platform. These products are recognized as the most durable and versatile tilt chairs in the market.

The new lightweight models have aluminum frames which are 30% lighter than the steel frames. Aluminum offers remarkable tensile strength and a strength to weight ratio much higher than steel. This allows us to make a lightweight and durable chair. The rigid frame of the Bentley LT and Stellar GLT offers superior stability and rolling performance. Both chairs have passed ISO-7176-8 double drum and drop tests as well as ISO-7176-19 and WC-19 crash tests.

While the steel Bentley and Stellar will remain the preferred choice for heavier or high-tone/agitation users, the lighter chairs will offer improved propulsion and transportation options for those who do not require heavy duty chairs.

Both chairs are available for pre-order now. Orders will start shipping on July 15.


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> Sell Sheet Bentley LT | Stellar GLT

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> Order Form Stellar GLT USA | Canada | International


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