PDG Power Tilt update

PDG Mobility is pleased to announce exciting news about our Power Tilt system. Hint: it’s now faster and also available on the Bentley.

Power Tilt on the Fuze T50

The T50 is our most popular tilt chair.  In 2018, we updated its optional power tilt system (read the details here). Now we’re taking it a step further by upgrading the actuator on all new installations to speed up the tilt cycle. Going from zero to full tilt will only take 20 seconds with the new system. That’s 50% faster than before, but still a safe speed for occupant and attendant. As a side benefit, the new actuators have a black finish instead of silver, blending in perfectly with all other under-seat components of the chair.


Power Tilt on the Bentley and Bentley LT

The Bentley with its 20° knee pivot tilt combines the benefit of some tilt with a high degree of mobility independence. We are excited to add the power tilt option to both, the standard Bentley with its rugged steel frame and the Bentley LT with its lightweight aluminum frame. Like all other PDG power tilt systems, it includes 2 batteries for off-chair charging. The official launch date is February 1, 2020.


Power Tilt on the Stellar GL and Stellar GLT

The Stellar GL is a versatile 45° low-knee-rise tilt chair. The power tilt has been available for the GL since 2018 (see here). The option is also available on the lightweight Stellar GLT. The new black actuators will improve the aesthetics of system on the GL/GLT as they do on the T50.


Power Tilt on the Stellar LEAP

Power tilt is also available on the unique Stellar LEAP which combines anterior and posterior tilt in a single wheelchair. The power tilt covers the LEAP’s full tilt range from 30° anterior to 20° posterior.


Ordering Power Tilt

Certain accessories or configurations are incompatible with the power tilt. Please see our current order forms on the PDG website for details.

  USA Order Forms: http://www.pdgmobility.com/usa

  Canada Order Forms: http://www.pdgmobility.com/canada


Learn more about PDG Mobility and our Wheelchairs: pdgmobility.com

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