The Stellar is retiring, the Stellar GL takes over

Today we are announcing the retirement of the Stellar tilt wheelchair at the end of 2021. The Stellar GL will take over as PDG’s go-to 45° tilt chair.


The Stellar was first introduced well over 20 years ago and quickly established itself as one of the most reliable and durable tilt chair brands. Over time, the Stellar family grew to  five models, each building on the strength of the original Stellar design, but each offering unique benefits to its users. During the last few years, the Stellar GL has replaced the Stellar as the 45˚ tilt chair of choice for many of our customers. The GL (rumored to be short for Good Looking) offers everything the Stellar does, PLUS popular features such as Power Tilt, a Lightweight Aluminum Frame version (Stellar GLT), lower min. STF Height, and now Seat Widths of up to 32″.

With this in mind, PDG has decided to retire the Stellar at the end of 2021. We will continue to fully support all chairs in the field, but starting 2022, the Stellar GL will become PDG’s go-to 45˚ tilt chair and no new Stellars will be manufactured. Other Stellar variants (Impact, LEAP, HD) will not be affected by this realignment.

We would like to thank all customers who have purchased the Stellar over the years, and we assure you that the Stellar GL is a worthy successor. To learn more about the GL, please check out the links below:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information about this transition by using our Ask an Expert form.


Learn more about PDG Mobility and our Wheelchairs:

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