Upgrade to a smaller size – The Fuze T50n

PDG Mobility proudly introduces a new option for our popular Fuze T50: A narrow frame configuration which reduces the overall width of of the chair to seat plus only 4″. The new Fuze T50n allows for improved access through narrow doorways and maneuvering in tight spaces while maintaining its full 50 degree tilt range.

Challenge and Solution

Tight indoor spaces remain an obstacle to users of mobility devices. Interior door sizes vary, but many of them are too narrow for tilt wheelchairs to comfortably pass through. While in modern buildings interior doors typically measure 28-32”, they tend to be narrower in older buildings. In addition to doors, narrow hallways and tight spaces in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms can be equally or even more difficult to navigate. Many doorways or hallways cannot be easily widened, and often people are forced to compromise their health by foregoing the benefits of a tilt chair, or they may have to move or give up mobility independence.

The new Fuze T50n addresses this issue. Building on the already small footprint of the Fuze, this new option offers an unbeatable overall width of seat plus only 4”. This makes the T50n approximately 4”-7” narrower than most standard tilt chairs. In other words, the T50n will fit through more doors and can be maneuvered through more tight spaces than any other tilt chair.

Engineering the new T50n

PDG Mobility’s design engineering team is always looking for ways how our chairs can better meet the needs of wheelchair users and caregivers. Based on requests from the community for a narrower tilt wheelchair, we started to look at several options around reducing overall chair width to improve maneuverability. PDG’s in-depth experience with tilt chairs and comprehensive selection of different wheelchairs models offered a good starting point. The aim was to keep it simple and to leverage existing parts and technology to minimize time to market and the price point.

After evaluating different chair designs and prototypes, the team settled on a simple solution. By reducing the width of the lower frame and using spacers to mount the existing upper frame, we were able to maintain the full 50° of tilt while still allowing for a large range of seat to floor heights. To reduce interference, rear wheel size had to be limited to 12” so that the upper frame could tilt over top of the wheels. A new axle receiver ensures the chair maintains a great range of adjustability.

T50n Specs

The chair offers 16”-24” fixed seat width or 16”-20” adjustable seat width options. Its seat depth range is 15”-22”. Available seat to floor height options are 16”-20”. The T50n offers three caster sizes (5”, 6”, 8”), but the rear wheel size is limited to 12” to allow for the maximum tilt range. Like all PDG tilt chairs, the T50n includes transit tie downs at no charge. Available options include PDG’s Easy-Out front rigging, reclining backrest, power tilt, as well as third-party seating and positioning systems. In short, the T50n is a fully featured 50° tilt chair with the overall footprint of a transport chair.

T50n Bonus

The T50n is built on the proven and well-known Fuze frame architecture and 50° tilt system. Clinicians and technicians familiar with the T50 will instantly recognize the T50n and be comfortable with the setup, handling, and adjustment options of the chair. Like all PDG chairs, it comes with a lifetime frame warranty and our exclusive TGIF (thank goodness it fits) guarantee.

Sell Sheet

You can download the sell sheet here.

Price and Availability

The Fuze T50n is now available for purchase. For pricing details please view the order forms:

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  Canada Order Form

Please contact us for our International Pricing.


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