New Product Recap from the 37th ISS

PDG showed exciting new products at this year’s virtual International Seating Symposium. Take a look at the highlights.

Bentley LT-R Manual Tilt Wheelchair

The lightweight Bentley LT-R promotes user independence by offering improved self-propulsion and superior maneuverability through the reverse wheel layout. It tilts up to 20° from the front of the seat (no knee-rise during tilt). Click here to find out more.


Fuze T50n Manual Tilt Wheelchair

The Fuze T50n has a sleek aluminum frame with an infinitely adjustable tilt range of 50°. The n stands for narrow, referring to the chair’s overall width of seat width plus only 4”. This makes it substantially narrower than most other tilt chairs. The T50n is a fully featured 50° tilt chair with the footprint of a transport chair. Click here to find out more.


Top-Secret Product Development Update 1

Fuze T50 with removable upper frame (Available Fall 2022)


Top-Secret Product Development Update 2

Stellar GL power tilt manual override (Available Fall 2022)



Learn more about PDG Mobility and our Wheelchairs:

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