Stellar GL

Designed to provide pressure relief, improved positioning, and independence, the Stellar GL is a manual tilt-in-space wheelchair designed to offer up to 45° of tilt while maintaining low occupant knee rise.


Designed for individuals that require optimal pressure relief and positioning, the Stellar is one of the only manual tilt-in-space wheelchairs in the market that offers up to 45° of tilt while maintaining a low knee rise.

Stellar LEAP

The Stellar LEAP is the only tilt-in-space wheelchair offering 20°of posterior and 30°of anterior tilt in a single product. Low knee rise during posterior tilt and the addition of anterior tilt enhance user function, positioning, and transfer capability.

Stellar IMPACT

The Stellar IMPACT’s ultra-tough steel construction makes it perfect for situations that require the most durable tilt chair available. Designed to withstand continuous rocking loads, the Stellar IMPACT comes standard with PDG’s spring back.